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Questioning the Ken O’Keefe witch hunt

Is this another orchestrated effort to smear Ken O’Keefe?

The argument seems to be: Ken promised us a World Citizen Plan that would have “legal standing.” 
“Legal standing”?! WTF could that possibly mean?
What government would ever recognize something like that? 
The person posting this attack on Ken O’Keefe never cites a shred of evidence that Ken ever made such a ludicrous, self-evidently insane promise. 
I have had public and private conversations with Ken about the World Citizen Initiative, and never did he say or imply that he was going to produce some sort of legal document or argument that would compel the governments of the world to recognize “world citizens.” (Anyone stupid enough to believe such a thing would deserve to have their pockets emptied!) He did say that he had “a plan” to push the Initiative further, and that details had to remain secret to prevent the bad guys from pre-empting it. 
As I understood it, Ken’s general plan was to set up some kind of home base for info activists in Dominica, complete with studios and satellite dishes, and to grow the world citizen MOVEMENT (not magically force governments to disappear or surrender through some kind of legal argument – which is of course a self-evidently absurd proposition). 
The secret part of Ken’s plan, as I understood it, involved the strategy for growing the movement.
Maybe I missed something. If so, Mr. “Crow House” and anybody else accusing Ken O’Keefe of fraud should produce the evidence, in the form of direct quotes from Ken (audio or written) in which he makes the claims being attributed to him. If such evidence exists, I will happily retract these skeptical words and join those accusing Ken of fraud. If it does not, the accusers would appear to be guilty of libel.

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  1. JAM

    His own team left him and some of them have been speaking out. I'm not 100% sure what's going on yet, but it doesn't look good for Ken so far.

  2. "Speaking out" with long-winded gossipy blah-blah-blah. Let's see a succinct case citing actual evidence. Accusations without evidence condemn the accuser.

  3. Anonymous

    Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social strategic initiative that will have profound effects on releasing humanity from its current paradigm. It’s time to stand up for what you know is right. It’s time for your voice to be heard. The time is now. Found on their Indiegogo crowdfunding site

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, where is the evidence? A bunch of losers 30 to 50 plus with ten Facebook accounts each. Messaging everyone to entrap them and posting lies. Highschool bullshit …

  5. Anonymous

    Ken is the one on the front line, the one whose head is above the parapet whilst others hide behind it. Ken speaks only truth, and anybody who has helped in any way to undermine him is an enemy of the people.

  6. Max Igan Says That Ken O'Keefe's World Citizen Initiative Is A Pyramid Scheme!

  7. Next Monday at 8pm GMT Ken will answer Max and he will inform us what is going on. Listen to THE RICHIE ALLEN SHOW on Monday. Something tells me this is not a man that is running away. Be patient. Until Monday then.

  8. 1666 we know what happened then
    1777 The Articles of Confederation are written.

  9. I believe in Ken. I trust my judgment and institutions more than gossip. Shame on whomever began this rumor without concrete evidence. Please provide substantial proof prior to destroying anyone's reputation, heart, and soul. Another question: is he okay? Can anyone help verify? Please. ?

  10. Ken was on board the freedom floatilla it doesnt get any more real than that…unless you have put your life on the line better shut the F up

  11. Anonymous

    This was an article that everyone should read. It might help to curb the crimes and excesses of fanatical patriotism.

  12. World Citizen Initiative? O'Keefe needs to lay off the cheap stuff it's drilling holes in his brain.

  13. Anonymous

    After listening to Max Igan's video and reading the lengthy "subversion report", I think you are out of line Max. It wasn't your project to the point you could dictate what the plan was in detail and when you did not get your way, it seems you destroyed everything by talking behind Ken's back. And the money is really none of your business; Ken does not need to give anybody an accounting!

    Good grief, Ken is not perfect, but he did not deserve this. And sad that this dirty laundry ended up in public, and you ruined Ken's opportunity to reveal HIS plan in his time-frame on HIS terms, while helping rob the rest of us of a proper launch.

    The elitist war mongering scumbags will be thrilled. Thanks a lot Max! 🙁

    And congratulations on your new gal Ken… try to focus. LOL

    In psychology, they taught us that when you are working with somebody and they fall "in love", it is akin to temporary insanity… so if they are worth it, you need to give them a few months to get over it or get on with it. A bit of a side-track perhaps, but not the end of the world.

    This project will be successful. It will succeed when the universe has taken its last drop of blood and not a minute sooner; that is just how projects, such as this, go sometimes.

    Nicky Nelson

  14. Anonymous

    cheap shot more like it internet coward!

  15. he was already attacked by the supposed pro-palestinian PSC campaign in the UK, when he collected funds and bought trucks and ambulances for Gaza. Now this looks far too much elaborated to me, there is some agency behind this, and we all know how andrew parker in london hates Muslims, Islaam and anyone asking him to be accountable of his terrorists acts in 2005 and elsewhere. Same for May who covered up israel, france, and the mi5 during the inquiry of 7/7. Ken also fight on the truth movement, and we are all targeted by agencies at the moment. So keep up the very work Ken and let us know if we can help in any way insha Allah

  16. Ron


    Both men are at fault for allowing the mission (freeing the slaves and educating them to the ways of the world) to be compromised. The stress of facing down the Jewish banksters is enough to turn us inside out. How dare any of us criticize either of these men.

    We ourselves are at fault. We allowed the enemy to gain ground. The Jewish mob will relish the disruption we see between these two factions of truth tellers. YOU two get together asap, we need YOU back in the game. The rest of us should be ashamed for taking sides and changing focus from the prize.

    Back To Work, Everyone.

    This playlist will help us all with focusing and reaching out to others. We are all brothers and sisters and God is the First Father. Jesus told us about the money changers. Come on… the only time the Son Of God behaved in such a way that he kicked over tables, chased men and animals with a whip. Max and Ken are with whips in their hands and both are righteous men.

    Who among us deserves to hear, from behind them, the crack of a whip? I welcome the wake up call. Thank you, Jesus. God Bless you, Max Igan and Ken O'Keefe. I personally wish you both had many times the audience you pressently have.

    Focus my brothers and sisters. Remember, we have offspring who will surely suffer if we lose our focus. The Truth sings well in your heart. Listen closely to that soft voice as you ponder the issues before us.


  17. Anonymous

    One must look into the influencing factors here….

    After all things were just fine before Ken O Keefes' new girlfriend turned up mysteriously onto the scene, and suddenly Ken sacks his entire team claiming internal sabotage… (Once he breaks the $117 K donation mark)

    Suddenly he also seems to have forgotten he has a Palestinian wife with his kids to her and is flirting around with a Filipino hooker who looks young enough to get him in trouble… WHO IS SHE? Seems like she is some kinda artist with Occult Records… Does Ken even know this? Better question, does he even care?
    Here is her "performance art" looking very much like an illuminati mind control experiment on acid…

    Look at the hands behind the man.

  18. Anonymous

    Pretty simple to speculate on what happened to Ken. Anyone that followed his efforts absolutely knows he spoke the truth. Too much truth. His videos were spreading and growing. His following was growing. So how do those that rule get rid of him? Pretty simple really. You threaten him and his family. You force him to destroy any and all credibility. And that's what happened. They took him out because he was extremely dangerous to those that rule.

  19. scott

    Kevin, you must have got it wrong, as here is the “legal standing” explanation right out of Ken’s own mouth. Note where Ken says this “is a critical tool to force the state…”.

    In addition to the social contract critical legal work has already begun that establishes in the form of legal briefs that our taxes are being used to violate
    domestic and international laws, this is by this point self-evident but we are investing in the writing of this position as it is necessary for us, the tax payers, to face that the fact that we are being compelled to pay for these crimes. Once we complete this element of the legal strategy we will have in hand a critical tool to force the state to take a position on whether we as citizens of the state are obligated to physically pay for provable crimes against domestic and international laws. This alone has the capacity to put the state in an untenable position, something will have to give, either the state will ramp up its tyranny or it will honour its own laws and the will of the people who are vehemently opposed to perpetual war.

  20. Harvey G

    2019 now and it’s been proven by many that sadly, Ken’s a conman

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