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Muslims sound off! David Pidcock on Orlando and LGBT, Raaheela Ahmed on her run for office

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First hour: David Pidcock, a founder of the Islamic Party of Britain, has just published a huge, sprawling, profusely illustrated essay called LGBT: AN OPEN LETTER TO POPE FRANCIS, SIDIQ KHAN THE MAYOR OF LONDON, AND PRESIDENT OBAMA. In it he takes issue with the current climate of celebration of “alternative sexualities” as well as with the official story of the Orlando shooting. As the Qur’an says: “Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth” (6:11). David takes the hint and takes us on a voyage to Sodom and Gomorrah (the originals and their modern replicas) among other exotic locations.

Second hour: Raaheela Ahmed is running for Prince George’s County Board of Education. If elected, she would help oversee one of the 25 largest school systems in the country. What is life like as a Muslim political candidate during a period of intense Islamophobia?

Raheela writes:

“Over the past 2 election cycles, I have gone door-to-door canvassing to over 7,000 homes, made hundreds of personal calls and attended dozens of community events. I have received national and international recognition for my wins, through news outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, PBS, Voice of America, Fox5 News, NBC4, Capital Gazette, Deccan Chronicles, the American Bazaar, India West and India Abroad.”

2 Thoughts to “Muslims sound off! David Pidcock on Orlando and LGBT, Raaheela Ahmed on her run for office”

  1. Raaheela is awesome. Love her!

    However, she was not able to convince me that Islam is not a male dominanted religion.

  2. Maybe no one is trying to convince you of anything. It is all in your head.

    In Islam, the relationship between men and women is that of a partnership
    not that of a competition. Your secular western indoctrination is probably what drives you to try to find out " who has the upper hand, men or women ?.".

    That said, there is certainly no shortage of cretins among my fellow Muslims confusing their BS cultures and traditions with Islam.

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