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Matthew Howard on freemasonic conspiracy; Greg Felton celebrates Brexit

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First half-hour guest Matthew Howard writes: “Having studied the dark recesses of occultism and satanism for nearly two decades and having produced and authored dozens of books and videos on this foul subject, I can assure you that Masonry, which, as Pike, Wise, and others assure us, is nothing more than pure Jewish cabalism, is rife with sorcery and witchcraft. When we survey the traditions of the Masonic sect, we see sorcery and witchcraft in abundance. We view their unmitigated worship of Mammon, their god. We also see how the Masonic Lodge is pleased to welcome in its ranks not only Jews but Gentiles, even apostate Moslems, Buddhists, and men of every religion…and no religion. Yet, Jews remain ‘first among equals,’ to use George Orwell’s phrase from Animal Farm. They are the ‘Princes of Masonry’ (Morals and Dogma, p. 819).”

Check out Matthew Howard’s account of how he was framed, imprisoned, almost murdered, and hounded out of the UK by the freemasonic crime cabal.

Second half hour: Greg Felton, author of The Host and the Parasite, thinks the Brexit victory is a sign that people are starting to wake up. Like Matthew Howard, Greg believes that Jewish Zionists disproportionately occupy the highest levels of the Western power structure…but he’s not so sure about the role of freemasonry. So who’s right, Matthew or Greg? Listen and make up your own mind.

9 Thoughts to “Matthew Howard on freemasonic conspiracy; Greg Felton celebrates Brexit”

  1. Anonymous

    the half hour session with Matthew Howard was most interesting and pity he did not have a hour to discuss his exposure of the very people I have been trying to expose for many years
    The UK Column is an excellent source for more info on 'Common Purpose run by that odious evil Shaabath GOY, Judith Middleton. I watched a video of hers a few year ago and she truly is a programmed subject who succeeds in mind controlling many people through her use of subliminal language and hand gestures.
    What Howard discussed was nothing new to me at all but she enforced what I have read and amassed over 15 years thanks in part to brave people like David Icke and Brian Gerrish of UK Column.
    I hope you INVITE Matthew back for a n hour or two debate as what he has to say is vital and exposes the very CONSPIRACIES plotted against us all which are destroying morality, family life and values as well as eroding our freedoms and our peace of mind for the future of our world

    and I can believe that he has been threatened and imprisoned- this is what THEY do to ensure SILENCE.

    Jewish Zionism and Freemasonry/Skull and Bones are inter linked and cannot be divorced from each other. The Jews hijacked Freemasonry and took control of it as they have done other Secret Societies like the Jesuits/Templars/Rosicrucians supposedly 'Christian' etc..but are esoteric Occultists which appeals to Jewish Kabbala mysticism

    Felton is WRONG- there is ILLUMINATI and many Jews prefer not to discuss such topics!!

    Brian Gerrish and Ian Crane are 2 excellent guests YOU should invite on to your show- 2 people I have recommended to you before and who are in part responsible along with Icke for waking me up!!

  2. Bring Matthew Howard back!

  3. You'll have to do better than simply asserting something you cannot prove. I stick to evidence, but the "Illuminati" shtick never evolves beyond the febrile claims of is devotees.

  4. Yes please Bring Matthew Howard back!

  5. Yes please bring Matthew Howard back!

  6. I believe you said you would put in the show notes Matthew Howard's Babalonian references. Were those ever posted? I'd like some good links to understand the roots of Talmud / jewishness from Babalonian times. Thanks.

  7. Cat …

    I am actually doing a show with Kevin on just that subject.
    But for now if you read "the !3th tribe" by Arthur Koestler you will get a good head start on the subject of how Freemasonic (kabbalistic) rituals ARE Jewish in origin.

    I also base most of my own work on this subject by an English guy from London who also converted to Islam in the 80s.
    He took the work of Kosner, and did a LOT more research.
    Kevin and I will be scheduling the show for this month.

  8. Cat …
    Here is an old podcast from the French connection that I have upped to my JewTube account.
    this will get you started.

  9. Cat …

    Here is one of my pod-casts that you may find interesting! I only do around 1 every 2 months so don't epect a prolific body of work.


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