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Conversations with Maisoon Rice, Richard Hoagland and Bob Reuschlein

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Today’s show features three lively conversations with three great guests!

First 7 minutes: Maisoon Rice complains about Jim Fetzer’s Islamophobia.

Richard Hoagland

Next 20  minutes: The first segment from Richard Hoagland’s interview with Kevin Barrett, broadcast last week on The Other Side of Midnight. Several listeners have raved about this interview, including Barbara Honegger, who helped set it up. Topics include the Orlando false flag and much more.

Bob Reuschlein

Final half hour: Bob Reuschlein offers devils’-advocate perspectives on Brexit and Hillary Clinton. Believe it or not, Bob is anti-Brexit and pro-Hillary! Here at Truth Jihad Radio we believe in freedom of speech even for (especially for) opinions we disagree with – and sometimes are forced to admit that our opponents have some reasonably good arguments, as Bob does regarding Brexit. As for Hillary…well, you’ll just have to listen. Suffice it to say that on that topic, Bob and I have some seriously opposing viewpoints.

2 Thoughts to “Conversations with Maisoon Rice, Richard Hoagland and Bob Reuschlein”

  1. Anonymous

    Bob Reuschlein's protection of Hillary is as sick as Jim Fetzer's protection of Trump

  2. Anonymous

    This doesn't seem as big as Bob was making it.

    Levi Sanders Tiptoes Out of Shadows — What Does Only Son Tell Us About Bernie? – News –

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