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A listener’s horror story: Framed, imprisoned, hounded out of UK by freemasonic crime cabal

by Matthew Howard
For me this all began when I read a book my mother had on her book shelf called “the Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight published in 1984. Stephen, was found dead in 1985 (under strange circumstances) just before he could write the follow up to this best seller. What made it all the more dramatic for me was that Stephen, had written about the strange deaths of other Free-masonic researchers and authors. This started a lifelong fascination with the 33 degree Scottish Freemasonry.

We can then fast forward to me having a full understanding that the entire establishment in the UK was run by Judeo-Freemasonry (this is dominated by Jewish supremacists). From the palace of Westminster (house of commons and Lords) to the Police and military top-brass on to the high and crown court judges … right down to local politicians who are often low ranking or in the Blue degrees (the first three degrees) and really don’t know much of the game plan. 

Judeo-Freemasonry is extremely compartmentalised .
So fast forward to present day. Gordon Duff, will confirm that if you piss off any dept of the UK government or intelligence services that they will find child pornography on your computers (it’s the standard MO)! I know many are aware of what happened to Micheal Shrimpton (and others), in the UK. After whistle blowing on at least one stolen nuclear weapon in London during the 2012 Olympics he was found to have child porn on his computers and then jailed for multiple offenses … well the same thing happened to me.

I was born in London and loved my home city but I soon realised that it was time to move from my home … FAST and FOR GOOD!

The problem was that I had (with the help of others) uncovered a creeping cancer that was metastasizing and spreading through the entire organism that is the UK. I started posting about this on-line and the next thing I know I am in prison!

What got me arrested was exposing a very dark and sinister group called ‘common purpose’ (or Freemasonry-lite as I call them) and how their funding was coming directly from the CRF via the EU government.  Posting this information (which has now been deleted) on the internet was what got me put in prison on false child pornography charges. 

A specialist investigation unit came to my house at 05.40 in Nov 2008 and arrested me. They then proceeded to take everything electronic they could find. A Police computer forensic dept then clearly placed a bogus search history on my computers and over 2000 images of underage 
children. They also came up with some drugs from my home just to make me look even more of a degenerate then the child porn alone would do! 

I was also told by the lead investigator of the specialist unit (these were not regular Police), that if I did not plead guilty they would prove I was guilty and suggest to the crown court judge (also a Freemason) to go to the full extent of the law in sentencing me! 

I will tell you more about ‘common purpose’ and what they are doing in the UK during the show as there is just too much to go into detail here … but I would recommend not eating for a few hours before hand !!!
These people are especially active in social services (you call them child protection in the US) and the lower ranks of the Police. 

And I will also say that they use NLP at their seminars (this is very sinister) I have studied NLP enough to tell you that in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous (subtle mind control … if you will). They are using social services and the lower ranks of the Police to steal children from 1000’s of innocent people in the UK every year! They have also set up secret courts in the UK where the media is NOT allowed to attend so they can break the law without being interrupted! 

So I am now in Prison thinking that it can’t get any worse (never say never). They then put an illegal immigrant into my cell (that I had been in alone) just weeks before my release. They claimed it was due to over crowding. However, I soon realised the motives were not as suggested. This guy brings a TV with him (I have not watched TV for close to 20 years) so I warn him to keep it down and not on all day because I was reading! That lasted 24hrs … the next day he has it full volume and on at 06.00! I am trying to read and ask him to turn it down … he starting mouthing off at me calling me every name he could come up with so got off my bunk and punched him hard enough to put him right on the other side of the cell and then started with the forearm and elbow … next thing I am in solitary staring at the wall realising that I have just been played like a deck of cards!

So I am in solitary for 72hrs and the Police come to arrest me for what I think is going to be assault or ABH. When we reach reception of the prison with me in the tightest handcuffs I have ever been in … I am told that I am being arrested for rape! All I could say was “WFT!?” That is another 7 years in prison!

Long story short, I read his statements and by the time I had got to the second one he made to the Police (the first being to the prison staff) I could see that he had contradicted himself on so many occasions it was obvious that the guy was not the most intelligent person they could have picked to set me up! By the time I saw the third statement he made I was smiling ear to ear as this was NOT going to be admissible in court (we call it an unreliable witness).

So they were forced to go NFA (no further action).

 After they failed to get me charged with rape they tried to have me killed on A wing HMP Bedford! And that was when I realised that this was getting from serious to deadly. Just to let you know how deadly … not even 21 days after my release a man was murdered on A wing. They knocked him out and dragged him into a cell with his head right where the cell door closes. They then slammed to heavy steel door. The word I heard was that his head looked like a water melon after a baseball bat had attacked it. This was the fate that awaited me if I had not remained conscious and shouted “STAFF” at the top of my lungs  (I have a very deep voice that travels) … I then heard keys jangling and my attackers ran! I spent the rest of my sentence in the hospital wing of the prison with head injuries.

Upon my release from prison it was very clear that I was in serious danger! So My wife and I booked flights to Mumbai from London and I have lived in India ever since!

Matthew Howard

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    speaking of "being played like a deck of cards": These are some more games that they play on the people:

  2. Incredible story. Sorry this happened to you. How is your faith? Do you believe in God?

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