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Gilad Atzmon on the swindles of the Zionist oligarchs…and the surging populist reaction

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Gilad Atzmon discusses how the Jewish-dominated music industry has swindled African-American musicians: “The classical music of the American people, which is largely African-American music, has been managed by people who are not black…this explains, by the way, why not much great jazz comes from America any more.”

Other topics include the long-delayed official admission that “Ann Frank’s diary” is a forgery and a fraud; the Brexit vote (this was recorded before the vote, but Gilad nails it) and other manifestations of the surge of populism; neocon-Zionist dominance of US and Western power; the Orlando shooting and its background and implications; and the way the West has been de-industrialized and turned into service economies that consume but don’t produce…setting the stage for the current wave of populist rebellion against the oligarchs.

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