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Michael Lissack: Trump represents “change,” Clinton represents “more of the same”

2nd hour: Moriartys on Libya 

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Michael Lissack

First hour: Michael Lissack asks: Why is the media punditocracy unprepared for “President Trump,” just as it was unprepared for “presumptive nominee Trump”? According to Dr. Lissack, Trump can manipulate the “Election Reality Show” script faster than the media can adjust and counter him. Lissack writes:

The current script, unless something drastic happens along the way, is quite simple: Trump represents “change” and Clinton represents “more of the same” lots of “more of the same.” If Americans perceived themselves on an upward path to a better life, more of the same would win. But, we don’t. The same represents a stalled economy, frustration with government and with big business, trade-offs about political correctness and the “illusion of fairness” with little to show for it, and a sense that America’s best days are behind it. Trump says “make America great again” — there is no how, but there does not need to be. In the deliberate vagueness lies the ability for the voters to project their hopes and possibilities onto what the Donald means by “great.” He says trust me — we don’t, but we know change is better than more of the same.

Michael Lissack is the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, President of the American Society for Cybernetics, ISCE Professor of Meaning in Organizations, Professor of Design and Innovation at Tongji University, Visiting Fellow at Hull University Business School, and an Affiliate Member of the Center for Philosophy & History of Science at Boston University.

Second hour: James and JoAnne Moriarty are entrepreneurs, journalists, human rights activists, and survivors of the Libyan genocide. (They were in Libya when Hillary “came, saw, and killed.”) They write:

The war against Libya had been planned for a long time. Dennis Kucinich held the documents that showed that there were war games in the Mediterranean with the French, UK and US against a mythical North Africa oil rich dictator nation. This was supposed to start on the 21st of February. The war actually started on the 17th of February. The main reason for the destruction of Libya was the gold backed currency for the continent of Africa called the Dinar. 

Ghadafi had planned the African bank and with the formation of this bank Libya was leading Africa to freedom: Freedom from the paper bankers, the imperialists that controlled the poor countries and their assets. This gold backed currency would have destroyed the paper bankers whose money is backed by nothing. Those paper bankers, the FED and the EURO owned by the Rothschild group would have been destroyed. For this reason Ghadafi had to not only fall from power but he had to die. If he had gone into exile, his mouth would still work.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was on the radio back in the day of Ross and was in his reform party and when he talked to us (about 20 in the group) about why he dropped out was because his family was threatened and I have never heard about aliens before your show.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh that second hour show about Libya was great.

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