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Jonathan Revusky on “Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World”

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Jonathan Revusky

Is the mainstream media feeding us “Roger Rabbit Narratives” (RRNs) in which real elements are mixed with cartoonish fictions? Should we see Osama Bin Laden as a real person, a cartoonish Hollywood villain, or the latter superimposed on the former? Are people like Noam Chomsky who profess to believe the ludicrous cartoon versions of events like 9/11 lying, or are they just High IQ Idiots (HIQIs)? These are some of the questions Jonathan Revusky considers in his articles:

“Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World”

A Framework for Reclaiming Reality

Jonathan Revusky has been a professional poker player and a moderately successful stock market speculator. He is interested in “deep events” like 9/11 and writes occasionally for Unz Review.

4 Thoughts to “Jonathan Revusky on “Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World””

  1. Anonymous

    Great the Roger Rabbit program Kevin.
    You are in the way. Masha Allâh!!


    Jose from Spain

  2. Anonymous

    It would be naïve to think new weaponry would not be used on the American public just as other experiments were tested.

    Electronics were being tested in the Middle East many years ago. I've heard stories of laser & microwave weapon testing
    on "perceived" enemy soldiers in the Middle East by Spl.Ops who were on internet – talk radio and shortwave programs.

    Some claimed to be a good distance away and told of the horrible effects, burnt and mutilated faces and scarred bodies
    after hitting them with the full force of their devices.

    You can bet that a certain elite group would have fun harassing targets ( anyone they don't like ) here in the USA.

    I was told by a former police officer in the Mid-West that I really pissed off some people, but wouldn't say who they were.

    Since I'm not going to stop posting flyers, I guess I'm going to keep pissing people off if that is what does it.

  3. There are stories of truthers getting "zapped" back in the early days of the movement.

  4. I love Noam Chomsky – LOVE HIM!!! But he gets it wrong on 911 every time. A lot of the most amazing people in the world get it wrong. (Nader, Stein, my brother-in-law.)
    The problem is, if you get it wrong on 911, then everything else follows. If you can believe 911, you can believe anything. What is the magic of 911, that makes so many otherwise rational people turn into such fools? (And don't say "Cognitive dissonance".)

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