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Israeli homeopath Dr. Hanoch Talmor: To change the world, change yourself

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Or: “Two Israeli Jews and a Muslim walk into a radio show…”

Dr. Hanoch Talmor is an Israeli medical doctor who had a spiritual awakening – and now practices alternative healing and utopian thinking. Dr. Talmor writes:

“The Better World Project is based on the principle that when we put out the intention to be kind and help or serve others, we automatically feel better and help create better environment for ourselves and everybody else. We create our reality by our intentions and beliefs. In the universe, everything is interconnected. Therefore our intention and actions can help create an environment in which the only paradigm is win win for all. The more of us understand these concepts and implement them, the faster we will move toward living in harmony with others and with our planet.”

In this three-way conversation featuring Dr. Talmor, Barry Chamish, and yours truly, recorded for Barry’s radio show, Dr. Talmor explains his worldview…and Barry, who’s profoundly skeptical, is surprised to learn that I’m in sympathy with much of it.

2 Thoughts to “Israeli homeopath Dr. Hanoch Talmor: To change the world, change yourself”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, I hope you have an opportunity to listen to this interview with Jeanice Barcelo, who has authored a book titled Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine. I believe her information is directly related to the ideas that Dr. Talmor has put forth in this interview and I find her work to be of extreme importance. If you do find her information to be invalid I would truly appreciate a note from you as to why you find it to be such. My email is

    If for some reason the link above doesn't work, you can find the podcast #18 at

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for recommending the podcast. Unfortunately, I had to turn it off very quickly after a few minutes.

    The hosts and the guest seemed very commited to indulging in vivid descriptions of painful and dislikable events and happenings, at the expense of expanding on the intellectual aspects of how they feel about certain things.

    It was a reminder to me that some people seem to be addicted to be outraged and insist on voicing the reasons of their outrage in very strong emotion-stirring words. They seem to have become mind-prisoners of their outrage and being owned by the ideas that they embraced.


    Sheikh Kevin and others might rather enjoy the numerous lectures of Jordan B Peterson :

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