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Israeli journalist Barry Chamish “scrutinizes” Kevin Barrett

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Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish just invited me for a special two-hour interview on his radio show. During this segment – the first hour – Barry “scrutinizes” my views on a range of subjects including the so-called war on terror, the 9/11-anthrax operation that launched it, Islam and Muslims, whether Gordon Duff and Christopher Bollyn are solid journalistic sources, and much more. Did I survive Barry’s “scrutiny” with defensible views intact? Listen and decide!

Barry Chamish is the author of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? and other bestsellers. He is a contributor to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

One Thought to “Israeli journalist Barry Chamish “scrutinizes” Kevin Barrett”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! This guy Chamish is one battery short of an electronic toothbrush!

    ​Kevin, you have nothing to worry about​. I can't imagine this guy having his own talk show. I read his propaganda and almost ordered his book. But after hearing him, if he couldn't get his points across on the air, I could never trust anything he writes. He claims he is all for truth, but never provides nor makes a definitive point to prove his case.

    But, writers don't always make for great talk show hosts, and vice verse. His tirade against Gordon made no sense whatsoever. All he kept saying is not to trust Gordon, but never why! Great show, though, you held your end up, very articulate and clearly spoken.


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