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Barrie Zwicker: “Israeli teen kidnapping” was a false flag

Broadcast Wednesday July 16th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on, archived here. Note: subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of and go to the “Private Blog” to get early access to the shows.

Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker says the mainstream is lying about the ongoing Israeli butchery in Gaza…and that the event that set the whole thing off, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, was a false flag orchestrated by the Israelis themselves.

The interview also covers a wide range of topics including: The use of symbolism including numeric symbolism in false flag events (9-1-1 for 9/11, “18” in the Israeli teen kidnapping); why we should not use broad terms such as “evil,” “crazy,” etc. ; why so many authoritarian right-wingers are evil – I mean, selfish/shortsighted/stingy/predatory…and much more.

2 Thoughts to “Barrie Zwicker: “Israeli teen kidnapping” was a false flag”

  1. Anonymous

    Evil is complex. Evil is a wave function, a low resonant frequency on the quantum level. It has mind and the power to will. It has the power to shape reality. It is brought to life through human consciousness. It is the destructive force in our universe. As "Deep Love" is the creative force with a mind and power of will of it's own, a resonant frequency that can shape reality.

    Life is a battle to shape reality. To shape the human experience, for we are not the only ones experiencing it.. It's a spiritual battle… Beyond our comprehension…

    You could use the word psychopath in place of Evil if you want. Psychopath is it's physical manifestation.

    And right now, the creative forces are getting their asses kicked.

    Well that's the way we see it on this side anyway…

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin, Just a few thoughts about the SECOND Malaysia Air [?] B777 [?] to end tragically [or oddly re: the 1st one that went missing?]… Although least likely a part of the scenario, I'm fully aware of the ongoing competitiveness of aircraft manufacturers and they play HARDBALL…Boeing being ruthless to say the least. So, why may this be in play? Airbus patsies or stupidos to work their way into planting a bomb in this MUSLIM FILLED AIRLINER! Just a bitOinfo from inside aviation… But here is my real thought…and its the Mossad again…and their potentials to have infiltrated all "mid-eastern? or Muslim" groups-good and bad… as double agents…aka…humans having similar biological heritage and looks etc. So, we have: …north Africa Muslims being blamed for unrest there… …all hell breaking loose in the Ukraine et al… …Iraq disintegrating into tribal regions thus prime for Oded Yinon's Greater Israel Project etc… …Syria unsettled via Mossad infiltrations… …the usual in Palestine… …the usual in the West Bank… …and what looks like the easiest "take-over" target now being Gaza… [remember the feckless world response regardng the Gaza flotilla murders by IDF forces…] SOOOO…why not get the Indonesian Muslim communities set ablaze too? Yinon's expansionist's plans depend upon chaos existing all around the horizon so that israel can do what it wants whie everyone else is looking elsewhere! The missile that shot down Air Malaysia was surely pulled by a Mossadi double agent…very little doubts in my mind…but yet again, so hard to prove…Mossad is very, very good at what they do!!!!! Nice to hear Barrie…keep up the great info-sharing…I'm learning so much all the time…so ypu are much appreciated. Now for a point that is NOT "I told you so…"…although I have mentioned this to you a few times… Have you been able to notice how much more effective and powerful you [and your insights] ARE…now that you are no longer yelling, screaming, contesting, loudly confronting…or acting like a "boorish" 60s activist? I think you do…and I really respect how hard you have worked at fighting these "60s based" intincts/instructions/habits. Well done Kevin! Your reasoned responses JUMP OUT of the radioshpere!!!!!!!!! pecae, love and progress… robin hordon Kingston, WA

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