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Will Putin blow 9/11 wide open?

False flag  news

1) Putin threatens to release 9/11 info proving “inside job”

2) Las Vegas shooter “conspiracy theorist” (two slides)

3) Two birds with one stone: gun nuts AND revolutionaries

4) Woodward and Bernstein were conspiracy theorists

5) Pakistan airport attack, school shootings in Portland, Seattle, Santa Barbara: Social symptom or synthetic terror?

6) California mass shooting spurs new gun control legislation

7) Fetzer talks false flags on Revolution Radio

8) Will 22 June 2014 be “a date that will live in infamy”?

Zionist debacles

9) Leaving the USS Liberty crew behind

10) Stunning Eric Cantor loss raises questions . . . .

World at War

11) Al-Qaeda surges toward Baghdad

12) Battle for Mosul

13) Iraq requests US airstrikes on ISIS

14) Salafis back Sisi, seek to eclipse Brotherhood

15) Assad grants general amnesty

16) Why Iran doesn’t WANT nuclear weapons

17) NATO launches war games in Baltic

18) Putin strikes back: Russians launch surprise war games next to NATO exercises in the Baltics

19) Kiev contemplating imposing martial law in Eastern Ukraine

20) Russia abandons dollar

21) Bilderberg splits US, Europe


22) Internet Giants erect barriers to spying

23) Al Gore–NSA’s lawbreaking worse than Snowden’s

24) Eric Holder task force targets “domestic terrorists”

25) DHS targets small Montana town

26) Smart meters are spying devices

27) Wikipedia shows it’s controlled by Zionists

28) Academic Freedom Conference that set off the Wiki-Zionists

President Hillary?!

29) Hillary is definitely running

30) Think twice before supporting Hillary


31) Latest on Princess Diana’s Death

32) Lyndon Johnson Canceled Air Force Plane for Top Brain Surgeon for a Dying RFK

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