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Ole Dammegard: Was a huge false-flag at the Bilderberg Conference narrowly averted?

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Ole Dammegard speaking at this year’s Bilderberg Conference  – watch the Youtube

Ole Dammegard was a featured speaker at this year’s Bilderberg Conference – the outdoor part, of course. In this interview he describes the exceedingly ominous signs that preceded the conference, which led him to believe that a massive 9/11-style false flag was in the offing in Copenhagen. Did Ole’s warnings help stop a plan to blow up the Copenhagen Marriot Hotel live on television and “blame the truthers” ?  Listen and decide for yourself.

Ole Dammegard’s career as a truth-seeking journalist began when he started digging into the assassination of Olaf Palme…and discovered the fingerprints of Gladio and Operation 40.  Ole is the author of Coup d’√Čtat in Slow Motion. His website is

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