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Psychologist Seth Farber and two electronic harrasssment victims speak out!

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Is someone using microwave, EMF, satellite or even HAARP technology, plus on-the-ground operatives, to stalk and harass people? It sounds like proverbial “tinfoil hat” paranoia – but unfortunately such scenarios are all-too-plausible based on what we know about the Deep State’s history of syphilis and radiation experiments, and the not-so-secret development of microwave and EMF weapons.

Psychologist Seth Farber and two gang-stalking and electronic harassment victims, Ken and Terri, join me to discuss this disturbing issue. Seth writes:

In the process of exposing psychiatry and promoting my book and Mad Pride I discovered to my surprise that MK -Ultra is not dead. There is still a program of experimentation on individuals that is non-consensual and involves various kinds of torture. I discovered this after being contacted by “targeted” individuals who heard me on radio. I did not know about this before – I thought MK ULTRA ended.  You probably knows that what was MK-Ultra  still exists in new guises under new names. They don’t use drugs anymore. They use technology – ELF and microwaves. Voice to skull technology. Highly advanced technology far beyond what exists in civilian society – although some directed energy devices can be purchased online. Some people hear voices evoked in their brains through directed energy – the CIA did that to Navy Yard shooter. American  citizens should not be used as guinea pigs in Nazi type experiments for which people were condemned and executed at Nuremberg.

Ken ___ is one victim of directed energy. His brain is being baked. He is a member of Freedom from Covert Surveillance and Harassment. Dr Hildegard Staninger tested him and confirmed that he is filled with nano-chips and is being inundated by various energies. I’m enclosing his report. He is receiving signals from military satellites. I feel a responsibility to expose this to the public. Ken wants to go on the air to discuss his story and to warn others. I have met several TIs now. Terri, a young woman was also tested.  As a psychologist I can say; Ken is  not crazy. Terri is not crazy. But virtually no one believes them. Here is what one European wrote recently:

Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices, and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.

Dr. Seth Farber is a writer, social critic, dissident psychologist (he received his doctorate in 1984), visionary, activist (in the human rights, Green and anti-war movements — and a supporter of animal rights) and co-founder of the Network Against Coercive Psychiatry (1988). He is the author of The Spiritual Gift of Madness and Radicals, Rabbis, and Peacemakers: Conversations with Jewish Critics of Israel.

6 Thoughts to “Psychologist Seth Farber and two electronic harrasssment victims speak out!”

  1. Anonymous


    I really don't know what to do with this. I think we're on the same page insofar as we're willing to entertain the prospect of technological harassment as eminently plausible based on historical precedent and insider experience. However, these testimonials are problematic as you certainly realized during the interview when you began asking for evidence. The troublesome aspect of this is that it is impossible to tell how much of what they say is true. If we assume that there is indeed something happening to them, it is very possible that the harassment isn't omniscient in the way that they describe, but rather it induces debilitating paranoia.

    I suspect that most people accessing this particular forum have experienced episodes of paranoia of one sort or another that in the moment seem very real. We can thus acknowledge that what the testifiers have to say is probably based in real experience but is hyperbolic by nature.

    This is the kind of thing that makes me a little sick to my stomach because I don’t see a way forward. The measures taken by Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance are good palliatives but this isn’t an issue that can easily run an ‘awareness campaign’ that will be convincing—even to those of us who are not “terminally naïve” (great line). For those of us who strive to think critically it isn’t enough to stick a psychologist next to two witnesses to give the story serious credence. At the very least we have to be willing to ask people like Ken and Terri hard questions like “are you on any mind-altering medications?” I understand the urge to be gentle with those who are experiencing such hardships but if they really want us to believe them there needs to be significant transparency. Is there any history of mental illness in your family? Do you have a history of psychotropic drug use? Have you been diagnosed by a practicing physician? On this point it seems foolish to dismiss the whole of the psychiatric community as one big conspiracy to peddle drugs for major corporations. There is certainly a grain of truth in this notion, but overgeneralization begs falsification.

    A topic like this needs serious investigation and reliable people to provide real evidence. Collect brain scans—publish blood work—publish the SCADA report Ken referenced for peer review (its hard to take the conclusions of a ‘private investigator’ seriously without any type of verification)—find a way to compile video evidence—get character witness statements from community members (this is another point I think is important because in the tradition of real paranoiacs these witnesses appear to be completely estranged from their communities—a fact that makes them less credible in my mind). Basically, the problems here are so numerous that they can’t be adequately covered in a short intervention. That said, despite the woeful lack of evidence, I think there is good reason for inquiry. We must find a way to do this more intelligently and answer some of the questions above before they are even asked so that the topic is not immediately dismissed by those-less-skeptical.

    Nonetheless this interview is valuable even if only to alert people to the idea of covert and electronic harassment so that if they think it is happening to them they can approach the issue safely. As always your work is thought provoking and intrinsically worthwhile in our present closed cultural milieu.

  2. Anonymous

    Anon, Project Censored did an article a couple of years ago about electronic harassment.

  3. This is real. They spy on, destroy, and
    Microwave murder their own. Control,
    revenge, blackmail, extortion, and murder are the name of the Game. Oh,
    I forgot to mention that many of them
    (Sociopaths that is) do it for the sheer pleasure of destroying another human.
    This is what gives them purpose. Some are Religious hypocrites, self righteous zealots, many of them just want to be a member of the cult. Others i suppose need a job and are just following orders.

    Watch out for these people. It only takes one mistake and your life will
    come to a screeching halt, or turn into
    a permanent nightmare.

  4. It is zionist/jewish global control via technology and supercomputers to control humanity and enslave/genocide others.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing this to the public! We need to be validated by professionals until the public knows what is really going on.
    L.B. SoCal

  6. Anonymous

    You are mislead into thinking that none of us are building cases, or have gathered a variety of solid evidence. The weapons are designed to drive up dopamine levels that induce paranoia, however, the gang stalkers know that and use that to their advantage with tactics that are designed to isolate people. With time we have learned how to document and gather reliable evidence. Signals found on your body that don't belong there in a normal situation are evidence. In my case I have no background of mental illness, nor does anyone who knows me well think there is any mental illness. They know that something very bad is happening to me. I have burns on my body that have been verified as laser burns, and radio frequency burns by professionals.

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