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2 Thoughts to “The humiliation! I didn’t make “top 10 anti-semites” list”

  1. Anonymous

    I just came home from protesting AIPAC at their DC convention.

    My husband held a banner that read (on one side) "Teach History – Not Zionism – in School," and (on the flip side) "No More World War for Israel."

    I held a banner that read (on one side) "Americans Need to Know What Israel is About," and (on the flip side) "Zionism Older and Deadlier than Nazism."

    A short while after I displayed my banner, a member of Code Pink asked me if I would mind moving along, so as not to have my message conflated with Code Pink and their stance. I asked if it was the truth of the matter they disputed. The Code Pink person said that, while it is true that Zionism is older and deadlier than Nazism, it takes so much education to know it, that I was just creating negativity. My position is that if people are that uneducated, it is even more important to brake the sound-barrier.

    I ended up telling the Code Pink member that I was surprised to be informed that they were there as gate keepers; that I thought it inappropriate for them to ask me to move; but that I was willing to get Rabbinical advice on the matter.

    Thereafter, I went over to some Neturei Karta Rabbis, and asked for an opinion. The Rabbi closest read my sign and said "It's true."

    Some of the AIPAC goers gave me a very hard time, but, on the positive side, there was heart warming support from some people in the crowd, with healthy discussions of matters that need to be raised before there is nothing left worth defending.

    Thanks again for the great work you do. I read a lot of your articles on Veterans Today.

  2. Anonymous

    Great shows Dr. Barrett! I try my best to catch all of your shows, and they have been fantastic. I recently purchased a copy of your book Truth Jihad, and I literally couldn't put it down. I have been delving deep into the 911 truth literature by Griffin and have looked into the works of many of the wonderful guests you have had on your show. I wanted to recommend a couple of individuals who I believe would make fantastic guests. Are you familiar with the work of Alan Watt? His website is He has many fascinating perspectives on the esoteric side of politics and "conspiracy." Secondly, Michael Hoffman II who wrote Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and many important studies on the teachings of the Talmud and the influence of Zionism in modern America. I think either guest would bring to the show a very unique perspective. I hope you are doing well. Keep up the fantastic work!

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