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Special Ukraine crisis report from Israel Shamir in Russia!

Breaking news special!

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John McCain flew to Ukraine in December to help Nazis overthrow democracy

Russian-Israeli author and commentator Israel Shamir reports from Russia on the crisis in Ukraine, where Russia’s parliament just approved President Putin’s request for a resolution to send Russian troops into the Crimea.

Israel Shamir argues that the West is pushing a neo-Nazi regime into power in Ukraine. He says these new Nazis are even worse than the original ones, who at least had the good taste to oppose the international banksters. 

Israel Shamir is the author of The Brown Revolution in Ukraine: The Spectacle in Kiev, one of the best articles on the subject.

In the second half of the show, American Studies expert Rolf Lindgren discusses the rise of US interventionism, from Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine to today’s attempt to overthrow democratically elected regimes all over the world and replace them with fascists.

4 Thoughts to “Special Ukraine crisis report from Israel Shamir in Russia!”

  1. Anonymous

    I know and appreciate Israel and what he says even though, in my view, he still has pro-Communist, Marxist and Leftist illusions.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the Israel Shamir interview, and for the link to his article.

    Did you catch the Stephen Cohen interview on PBS? Surprisingly sober, serious and fair.

  3. Anonymous

    Why are you linking to articles by jews like stephen cohen published in the nation?

    Mr Barrett I would like your opinion on this:

    To me, it appears as though putin is perhaps a crypto-jew. What say you?

  4. I don't see any link here to Stephen Cohen, though I also don't see any reason not to link to him. The Nation isn't always wrong, and whether or not someone is "a Jew" does not concern me. Nor should it concern you. This comment reads as if it were written by psy-ops.

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