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Ole Dammegard exposes JFK serial killers!

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Tabinski as “Oswald” in Mexico City

In this special two-part interview, author and researcher Ole Dammegard gives us the dirty details on who did what in Dealy Plaza on November 22nd, 1963. Ole’s account differs slightly from Jim Fetzer’s Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them – but Ole does not disagree with Jim’s contention that two JFK assassination participants are alive and well in Toronto and may still be robbing banks and committing serial murders – possibly including the murder of a witness who recently fingered them and then disappeared. One of these Toronto JFK suspects is a certain Walter Tabinski, who (according to Dammegard’s and Fetzer’s sources) impersonated Lee Oswald in Mexico City during the run-up to the assassination.

Ole Dammegard has interviewed actual assassins and their associates to expose the sordid history of Operation 40 – the CIA/mob spin-off responsible for most of the high-profile political killings of the post-World War II era. This two-hour interview is a concise graduate-level seminar in modern political assassinations, with a focus on the all-important JFK case. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Anonymous

    When I brought up some of this when Judyth Vary Baker came to Toronto to launch her book 'Me and Lee' my newspaper of 15 years suffered 3 arson attacks, twice almost run off the expressway by driverless vehicles (both times a red mini with white top).

    My car was blown up and almost made me into a melted marshmallow after the phone lines were cut, my salesman was burnt out on Christmas Eve that year after the hydrant was shot off the street, my webmaster was burnt out when he went shopping on a Saturday afternoon and returned to discover the house burnt and the recovered CDs, computers, DVDs all heat damaged but the $2500 Adobe program mysteriously missing.

    Police, fire marshals and insurance investigators found no source for any of the 3 fires.

    Crooked retired police are still brought out of the woodwork to continue protection for this serial killer.

    I spent almost a year on the story so I have lots of backup and corroborating info.

    — Victor / / tabloid sold on the streets of Toronto since 1999.

  2. Anonymous

    I've followed this guy's history and
    always am outraged of his protection by the Bushes.
    Ole Dammegard was an excellent guest ….Henry
    CIA and FBI Documents Detail Career in International Terrorism; Connection to U.S.
    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book

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