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DDWN: Bankster suicides = false flag coming?

False Flag News

1) Rash of Bankster Suicides: JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks–-with-ties-to-wall-street-investigations/ and

X-ray of alleged “nail gun suicide” victim

2) Osama death photos destroyed

3) al Qaeda group issues bills with images of bin Laden, WTC towers (three images) 

4) Unreported domestic terrorist attack? Snipers destroyed power station in 19 minutes 

5) U.S. Utilities Tighten Security After 2013 Attack  (Wall Street Journal)

6) Worldwide False Flag Cyber Bank Drill SERVICE DISRUPTION BETWEEN NOW & FEB 15 16 2014 

7) Newtown official thanks media for covering (up) Sandy Hook

8) Widespread Haz-Mat Presence Would Have Hampered Sandy Hook Renovations

 9) Holder vows to push ahead with gun control agenda

 10) US Postal Service orders billions of ammo


11) Student suspended for turning in toy gun

12) NSA’s secret role in assassination program

13)  NSA can’t keep up with cell phone traffic  (Washington Post)

14) Jesse Ventura goes “off grid”

15) Snowden Confirms Spy Agency Launched False Flag Attacks and Used Honey Traps

16) FBI false-flag provocateur Hal Turner claims Snowden has “doomsday” file of all US government personnel’s home addresses

17) US/Israeli virus (“stuxnet”) threatening the world

18) The Mask spy ware out there since 2007

19) First congressman to contest NSA dies in obscurity  (PandoDigest)

US warmongering in Ukraine, Iran, etc.

20) US working to engineer coup in the Ukrane

21) Ukraine leader flies to meet with Putin in Sochi (Reuters)

22) Russian leaders see plans for US/NATO war over Ukraine /  Nuland tape means impeach obama now

23) Tehran sending ‘message’ as warships approach US (Jerusalem Post)

24) Chomsky describes US as greatest threat to world peace


25) War on Drugs ends with a fizzle

26) Congress cuts foodstamps while supporting Koch Industries

27) Fracking using up water in driest areas of US

28) Millions of star fish have wasting disease

29) New robotic hand can actually FEEL

30) UFO docks at space station

31) Shirley Temple Black dies at 85  (Washington Post)

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  1. Anonymous

    Nail gun suicide? Sounds like Patrick Bateman to me.

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