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DDWN: Bankster suicides = false flag coming?

False Flag News 1) Rash of Bankster Suicides: JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks–-with-ties-to-wall-street-investigations/ and X-ray of alleged “nail gun suicide” victim 2) Osama death photos destroyed 3) al Qaeda group issues bills with images of bin Laden, WTC towers (three images)  4) Unreported domestic terrorist attack? Snipers destroyed power station in 19 minutes  5) U.S. Utilities Tighten Security After 2013 Attack  (Wall Street Journal) 6) Worldwide False Flag Cyber Bank Drill SERVICE DISRUPTION BETWEEN NOW & FEB 15 16 2014  7) Newtown official thanks media for covering (up) Sandy…


Tuesday’s guest: Jerica Arents of Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Tuesday, March 22nd, 11 a.m. Pacific (9-10 pm Eastern) on, to be archived here a few hours after broadcast… Jerica Arents completed her M.A. in Social Justice at Loyola University at Chicago in 2010. She co-coordinates Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV) and lives with the White Rose Catholic Worker community. She has authored articles about VCNV protests against predator drones and the torture murders of the Guantanamo “suicides,” and has been arrested while protesting these and other abominations. Jerica traveled to Afghanistan in October, 2010 with VCNV, the Chicago-based group last year’s radio guest Kathy Kelly works with, and…