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Gary Sick: Stop Schumer from handing US military command to Israel!

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Columbia University professor Gary Sick, who served as top Iran expert on the National Security Council under three US presidents, is still widely considered the dean of American Iran experts. That’s why it’s so significant that Dr. Sick has written to Senator Chuck Schumer blasting Schumer’s new bill that would effectively deprive the President of his authority as Commander-in-Chief, strip Congress of its power to declare war, and turn the US armed forces over to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who apparently wants to spill American blood and treasure in a Zionist war on Iran.

An outraged Gary Sick recently wrote to Chuck Schumer that the so-called Nuclear-Free Iran Act  “outsources any decision about resort to military action to the government of Israel, by committing the United States in advance to support any military action by Israel.” He points out that Schumer’s bill is designed to torpedo the Iran nuclear negotiations and end the peace process.

During this interview we consider the history of US-Iran relations leading to the tentative nuclear breakthrough; discuss Dr. Sick’s classic book October Surprise which details the Bush crime family‘s treasonous 1980 coup d’état against President Carter; and end the show by disagreeing about 9/11,   but agreeing that Schumer’s insane bill must be stopped.

Take action to stop the Schumer bill:  Senate Democrats: Don’t help the Republicans start another war.

4 Thoughts to “Gary Sick: Stop Schumer from handing US military command to Israel!”

  1. Anonymous

    The last few minutes where you raised 9/11 were positively agonizing.

    Had to be even more excruciating for you.
    Like extracting a tooth without pulling the patient out of the dentist chair.

    I don't believe that this Gary Sick really and sincerely believes what he said in response.

    He's a sociopath.
    A soft one, to be sure.
    Very cordial and gentlemanly and diplomatic.
    So civilized. So cultivated.
    A real "team player".
    But a sociopath nonetheless.

    Thanks for exposing it so delicately and gently.

    Like the Beastie Boys lyric: "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it."

  2. Anonymous

    I have a B.A. in psych from a state school. How is it that I am more knowledgeable about 9/11 than a professor at Columbia as Gary Sick is? I had to study history throughout my entire education and was required to take American History in college. I can't remember any real focus on real reforms to the system with the exception of the Creation of the FDA and Some New Deal programs, the creation of the SEC and Glass-Stegall The FDA is now being co-opted. The SEC is a joke, according to them, Martha Stewart is an enemy of the State. But where is the post yellow journalism reform? It doesn't exist and not only that we have the patron saint of Watergate, Carl Bernstein telling us the press is corrupt. Where is government reform? After Watergate we had some election finance reforms vis a vis matching funds and I am not so sure that that doesn't just favor the two entrenched parties. Once in a psych class I cited The Encyclopedia Britannica on a paper and it came back red penciled bad source. It wasn't a principle source but I added it to my sources consulted list to reflect the amount of work I put into the paper. So we have a Columbia professor who must, of needs, be (to borrow a Victorian phrase) getting his information either from the press or the government and feeling rather certain about it. All I can say is: bad source.

  3. Anonymous

    Obama's Latest Fed Nominee is/was a Socialist Zionist

    Israel's Harretz writes:
    It’s something to think of a one-time member of the socialist Zionist Habonim youth movement acceding to the vice chairmanship of the United States Federal Reserve.[…]
    Stanley Fischer, however, is the real thing. He joined Habonim as a youth in Zambia. Now he is tipped to succeed Yellen as vice chairman.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought what he was about "a limited hangout" is what I call it, to say a few things to make you think that he is telling you the story but not going to far.

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