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Today’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Top stories: Iran nuke deal vs. Zionist push-back; Hollywood billionaire & treasonous Israeli spy Arnon Milchan admits he smuggled nuclear triggers to Israel (but hasn’t yet been arrested, much less executed); NSA hackers spread 50,000 malicious viruses worldwide; NSA seeks online sex with dangerous Islamic radicals; thousands blockade NATO supply route to protest drones in Pakistan; China bails out of dollars; and controversy erupts for 50th anniversary of JFK assassination.


An historic accord has been reached with the P5+1 about Iran’s nuclear program.  Since Iran has been pursuing the peaceful use of nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons, it is doing what it can to allay paranoia by the West, which has been fanned by Israel for its own malevolent purposes.  Its assets in Congress and out, such as Sen. Chuck Shermer of New York and Professor Alan Dershowitz of the Yale School of Law have denounced it, sometimes in extraordinary and grossly inappropriate language.  But it does represent a defeat for the Saudi-Israeli effort to gain uncontested control of the Middle East and places Israel in an awkward position should it attempt an attack on Iran, since this appears to be its last, best rationale for doing so.

A famous Hollywood director has admitted that he has been a spy for Israel and assisted in providing information crucial to its development of triggers for nuclear bombs.  That Israel has a vast stock of nuclear, chemical and even biological weapons is widely accepted among intelligence analysts, which, if the law were followed, would make Israel ineligible for US foreign aide. But the members of Congress continue to turn a blind eye to Israel, no matter how egregious its offenses in relation to the UN, Palestine or the Middle East.  The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal has found Israel guilty of war crimes and genocide for its abuse of the Palestinian people, which will not diminish enthusiasm for its support among its stooges in Congress.

The NSA continues to push for more and more power, where there appears to be no limit to its insatiable quest for every speck of information it can acquire about everyone, including about the sex lives of those it targets as threats to the national security state.  And its spyware/malware has now been reported to have infected 50,000 computer networks worldwide.  In a futile gesture that the US is going to ignore, Pakistan has again protested the use of drone strikes in violation of its sovereignty, which the UN has recently implied to be a war crime.  In a move that is likely to make more of a difference than its violations of international law, China has announced that it is going to cease stockpiling US dollars, which is going to further erode the standing of the dollar in the world’s economy.

US media coverage of the assassination of JFK 50 years ago has been appalling.  Bob Schieffer, the host of “Face the Nation”, who was once a responsible news man, announced it was “an easy shot”, when no one in the world has been able to replicate it, including Gunny Carlos Hathcock, the foremost sniper in the US Marine Corps. He massively distorts easily available evidence, including photos of the man who claimed to be Oswald in Mexico City, which by itself establishes a conspiracy.  He features one of the physicians, Dr. Ronald Jones, who was there, but ignores what he is being told about a small wound to the throat and a massive blow-out at the back of the head, two wounds that were widely broadcast on radio and TV the afternoon and evening of the assassination. He continues to insist that he has seen no convincing evidence when its presented on his own show.

Dr. Michael Baden, the head of the medical panel for the HSCA, observed that, if the “magic bullet” theory were false, then there had to have been at least six shots from three directions.  But it is false, provably false, and not even anatomically possible, as Dr. David W. Mantik’s CAT scan has proven beyond a reasonable doubt. (See, for example, “Reasoning about Assassinations” and “JFK: Jim Garrison, The Warren Report and the end of the ‘magic bullet’ absurdity” on-line.)  JFK himself was hit four times, where the shot that missed was a fifth and at least one to John Connally makes six, where eight, nine or ten appear to have been fired in all. The Smithsonian has introduced a 3-D model of Dealey Plaza which could be used not only to model the “official account” but what actually happened on 22 November 1963.

A distinction can be drawn between SPONSORS, FACILITATORS, and MECHANICS, where the CIA, Joint Chiefs, anti-Castro Cubans, the mafia, the FED, Texas oil men and Israel appear to be among the sponsors of the assassination.  LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover are the primary facilitators of both the assassination and the cover-up. Kevin Barrett has made a powerful case for Israeli complicity on Press TV, where he and Bob Reuschlein put together an event in Madison–which can be found on-line as “JFK Empire”–that provides more truth about the assassination of JFK than all the nation networks together, which is a complete disgrace and substantiates the observation of William Cobly that the agency owns everyone of significance in the major media, including Tom Brokow, Peter Jennings and (its poster boy) Bob Schieffer. 

Not to be outdone, Michael Shermer, who edits SKEPTIC magazine (which is skeptical about trivia but stands by the government on major issues like JFK and 9/11), published an OpEd in the LA Times in which he explains that there is no basis to substantiate “conspiracy theories”, which in his view are rooted in psychological distress that such an insignificant player (Lee Oswald) could have taken out a world leader (JFK).  In his response, Jim makes seven points about logic and evidence–including the man in Mexico City who was impersonating Oswald and the entry wound to the throat and the exit wound at the back of his head, which has been blacked out in the home movies of the event, but where it can still be seen in frame 374–to make the point perhaps we don’t believe a lone gunman made some lucky shots and killed our 35th president because it isn’t true. Members of the media continue to betray the American people about the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and properly qualify as accessories after the fact. 

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