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Douglas Herman: Spook’s revelations sparked JFK assassination novel!

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Douglas Herman’s The Guns of Dallas is a JFK assassination thriller. While it’s categorized as a novel, the material is drawn from real life.

As Doug explains during this interview, a number of years ago, he got to know a self-professed CIA retiree in Lake Worth, Florida. The retired spook gave him a bunch of purportedly inside information about how the CIA’s assassination of JFK was organized out of the Miami “JM Wave” CIA station, with the help of Cuban exiles angry at JFK’s “betrayal” during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Doug turned this real-life experience into a novel about a retired spook confessing his role in the JFK hit to a journalist. A few years later, life imitated art imitating life, as CIA officer E. Howard Hunt confessed to helping kill JFK as part of an Agency operation.

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