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9/11 truth artist cleared of vandalism

PEREZLafayette, Louisiana artist Salvador Perez has been cleared by a grand jury of vandalism charges, after he improved a local 9/11 Big Lie propaganda display by “defacing” it with truth. According to Ind Reporter:

“Perez affixed cartoonish cardboard airplanes to the Twin Towers beams at the memorial, along with a cardboard effigy of former President George W. Bush standing nearby holding a remote control.

“Other iconography on the artwork indicated that Perez’s ‘vandalism’ — we use quote marks because the items affixed to the memorial caused no damage and were removed early that same morning — was an expression of the so-called truther movement, that is, the belief that the federal government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks for political gain.”


 Congratulations to Salvador Perez for his courage, creativity, and free speech victory!

Perez has showed that a Louisiana grand jury of ordinary citizens is not as hostile to truthful 9/11 speech as the guardians of the official myth might wish.

So…calling all artists! Let’s follow Mr. Perez’s lead, and start improving ALL 9/11 memorials nationwide. If a wave of artistic creativity starts breaking over America’s 9/11 memorials, and the authorities are helpless to stop it, the 9/11 truth movement could get a huge shot in the arm…and some valuable publicity, such as this positive and sympathetic Ind Reporter account.

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