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US court confirms detention of Marzieh Hashemi

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today  Editor On Friday Jan. 18 the US government was finally forced to reveal why they kidnapped Mrs. Hashemi last weekend and held her without charges all week: They say she has not been charged, but is being held as a “material witness” in a grand jury criminal investigation. So what’s the crime? A few hours ago we learned from the Rothschild flagship Reuters that: “A U.S. government source told Reuters it appeared that the grand jury was examining whether Press TV is a propaganda outlet that failed to register with the Justice Department…


“Ash Carter Predicted 9/11″: ESP or foreknowledge? and other stories

The new Secretary of Defense a 9/11 criminal?! This week’s output in case you missed it: “Ash Carter Predicted 9/11″: ESP or foreknowledge?   (outraged exposé) Why the Ferguson grand jury was wrong  (op-ed, with Dr. Bob Reuschlein)  I Almost Blew Up the SFPD  (“reality fiction”)  9/11-Warren Commission on Race in America?! (dark humor & satire)


9/11 truth artist cleared of vandalism

Lafayette, Louisiana artist Salvador Perez has been cleared by a grand jury of vandalism charges, after he improved a local 9/11 Big Lie propaganda display by “defacing” it with truth. According to Ind Reporter: “Perez affixed cartoonish cardboard airplanes to the Twin Towers beams at the memorial, along with a cardboard effigy of former President George W. Bush standing nearby holding a remote control. “Other iconography on the artwork indicated that Perez’s ‘vandalism’ — we use quote marks because the items affixed to the memorial caused no damage and were removed early that same morning — was an expression of…