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Did Israel “call the shots” from the Grassy Knoll?

Qaddafi told the UN Israel did 9/11 and killed JFK.
Two years later he was brutally murdered.

The CIA handled logistics. But who REALLY “called the shots” ?

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  1. Anonymous

    Jack Ruby was more involved in the JFK assassination than Oswald and his CIA handlers. After Ruby shot Oswald, he blurted out that he was going to be the cause of the death of 25 million Jews… because he thought the Israeli plot was discovered. About 4 months later, after Ruby was convicted of murder, his Jewish psychaiatrist Dr Joly West, tried to use the incriminating "25 million Jew" statement as an insanity plea, at his insanity trial April-May 1964. Ruby lost at his insanity trial.

    SOURCE: THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, TUESDAY, APRIL, 28, 1964 (there are many sources)
    Jack Ruby To Receive a Jury Trial For Sanity

    DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — Jack Ruby may escape the electric chair if his counsel can convince the jury in a sanity trial that the balding convicted slayer of Lee Harvey Oswald is insane.
    Judge Joe B. Brown said Monday he will empanel a jury at the first suitable date, in response to a sanity trial request filed by Ruby's sister, Eva Grant.
    Texas law requires a judge to hold such a trial if the defense asks for it. Judge Brown presided over the first month-long trial in which a jury rejected a defense plea that Ruby was insane Nov.24 when he shot Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy.
    Ruby's lawyers said Monday that their client's condition has worsened since his conviction March 14, that his "mind is falling apart" and he has delusions that his crime has brought about a slaughter that will bring death to 25 million American Jews.
    If a jury finds Ruby insane, he will be committed to a state institution.
    Dr. Louis Jolyon West, psychiatry professor at the University of Oklahoma, testified that Ruby's hallucinations triggered his apparent suicide attempt Sunday. Ruby banged his head against a cell wall, raising a sizable knot.
    Judge Brown rejected a defense motion that Ruby be hospitalized for mental treatment. Joe Tonahill, a defense lawyer, said he had to call Ruby's rabbi to calm him after he tried to fight the lawyer earlier Monday.
    Dr. West said Ruby "is completely preoccupied with delusions of the persecution of Jews. He feels hopeless, worthless and guilty because he thinks he is to blame for the mass murder of his own people."
    It will be up to the defense to prove Ruby's insanity. If they succeed and Ruby is sent to an institution, state doctors could later decide Ruby has regained his sanity but another sanity trial would be required to legally confirm it, according to Asst. Dist. Atty. Bill Alexander.

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