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Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK

As the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination approaches, the American people and the American media are living in two different worlds.

The corporate media is still pushing the myth that JFK was killed by a communist lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald. But most of the American people are not buying it. Since the early 1990s, a strong majority of Americans has believed that JFK was killed by a conspiracy, and that the CIA had a hand in it.

The American people are right…

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2 Thoughts to “Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK”

  1. Anonymous

    If it was the case that JFK was rampantly promiscuous, a serial drug abuser, had links with the mafia, had a host of political enemies and had a brother who may have been implicated in the death of Marylin Munroe, we could suggest that he was a prime candidate for assassination!

    The George Hickey theory is more likely on the right track than the Warren Commission and all the other conspiracy theories put together. Stacked against it is credibility. What defies credibility is this: a man is deliberately fired on in an assassination attempt. Within 0.5 seconds he is again fired on, the killing bullet hitting him only inches away from the first one, fired from another gun, by another person at an almost identical time.

    Either this never happened or else the Secret Service deliberately murdered JFK. If so, the cover up was very good indeed. It took decades to reveal this possibility. It may take decades more to establish the chain of command, by which time, none of the guilty are likely to be still alive!

  2. It was a national security assassination, and the two nations whose security was threatened by JFK were the US and Israel…both controlled by the same dark forces that still rule us today.

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