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A farewell to one of our own: Remembering Dr. Robert M. Bowman

Dr. Bob Bowman, America’s greatest military patriot & whistleblower since Smedley Butler, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery this Wednesday, November 13th. My radio tribute to Dr. Bob will be broadcast Wednesday 10 to 11 a.m. on and archived here. Meanwhile, here is a tribute to Dr. Bob from his home chapter of Veterans for Peace.
Read the full article at Veterans Today:

2 Thoughts to “A farewell to one of our own: Remembering Dr. Robert M. Bowman”

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your memorial essay about Dr. Bob, Kevin.

    I probably should have swallowed my pride in December, 1999 when he asked me to be his campaign manager for
    his attempt to become the Reform Party presidential candidate.

    I turned him down because he was not radical enough……at least in his public comments.

    In February, 2002, after 9/11, I went to his home in Central Florida in an effort to get him to come out vigorously regarding
    the attacks in NYC and DC.

    I still have a copy of his editing comments on my essay, Time To Investigate, which I composed a few months after the
    attack and shared with him.

    We watched the Patriots win their first Super Bowl in his living room while Maggie made a great dinner. He was a fine
    athlete in addition to everything else and kept in shape with regular runs. I joined him for that and played tennis and
    basketball with him and his son (John, I think). I played with his grand kids.

    When he finally "got" it and came out big time on 9/11, I was ecstatic. But it was too little, too late!

    His run for Congress fell just short and his Patriot Tour State Of The Union speeches were fabulous. But as we watch
    the unending litany of scandals emerge on top of the 50 year Big Lie about JFK and the more recent lie about 9/11, we
    have truly descended into what I call The Huxwellian World of 2013!

    May God have mercy on our souls.

    Best regards, Rich Scheck

  2. Great stories here, Richard! Sounds like you helped nudge him in the right direction.

    Not sure whether it was his run or the integrity of the voting machines that fell just short ; – )

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