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Dr. James Hufferd on USA’s ideals vs. realities

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James Hufferd‘s new book Troublesome Country is a short history of America’s national creed – and its failure to live up to it. The book includes an excellent discussion of the 9/11 false-flag and subsequent coverup.

 Hufferd boils the creed down to five parts:

1) The people should control the government.
2) Freedom from government control.
3) All men (all people) are created equal: laws must be applied equally.
4) Liberty and Justice for all. (The mandate of due process.)
5) Personal and national independence. (Americans, richly advantaged by nature, should live largely independently.)

Short version of the five-part creed: 1) Democracy, 2) Freedom, 3) Equality, 4) Justice, 5) Independence.

James Hufferd attended public schools and grew up in a small farming environment. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in History at Iowa State University, a Master’s in International Studies at University of Wyoming, and a Ph.D. in Geography at University of Minnesota (1979). The founder of a local 9/11 Truth group, he serves as Grassroots Coordinator for

His most recent article is “Bucking Received Wisdom.”

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