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2 Thoughts to “9/11 and the demolition of democracy”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I have enjoyed your columns a lot on Veterans Today, and I've learned a great deal from you. I think that you are making an error, however, regarding Simon Shack and the "no-planes" theory. I have 3 degrees in Physics and Applied Physics and it's given me a frame of mind to look at this.

    Studying Holocaust Revisionism helped me to come to understand and accept "no-planes" theory. As you know, Holocaust Revisionism shows that the gas chamber in Auschwitz and the other camps simply DO NOT FUNCTION. The conventional story of the gas chambers violates the laws of physics for a host of reasons that you already know, and therefore THE STORY MUST COME TO A DEAD STOP, no compromises. As Robert Faurisson said very wisely, you have to "go to the center of the center of the event".

    Now in the case of 9/11, the "center of the center of the event" is the moment that the 767s hits the towers. The videos show the plane "melting" into the towers in a way that is KNOWN to be CGI. Even if you didn't know that and you had to rely on just physics understanding, the wings and tail section absolutely would have gone splat on the steel and concrete and not penetrate the Towers. Just as the gas chambers of Auschwitz are NON-PHYSICAL, the way in which the 767s penetrated the Towers are NON-PHYSICAL MAGIC as well. Therefore, just as with the Holocaust, THE STORY MUST COME TO A DEAD STOP, no compromises.

    The chances of the video being CGI are 100%,and Simon Shack is correct.

    The passengers on the plane are marching through time, to the moment of their supposed deaths, but the moment of their death is NON-PHYSICAL MAGIC. That necessarily implies that those passengers deaths can't be proven, and in all likelihood those passengers don't exist.

    Continuing the same logic, in the collapse of the WTC, the people who worked the "Ground Zero pile" found "not a door, not a doorknob, not a desk, not a computer, etc. etc." Kevin, this is another NON-PHYSICAL, MAGICAL EVENT. The towers were absolutely empty and stripped down for controlled demolition well in advance of 9/11. There is no way whatsoever that there would be nothing whatsoever in the rubble, even if nuclear explosives are used. The nuclear tests in Nevada showed that SOMETHING survives even a nuclear test. So if there are absolutely no desks inside the Towers, then what were all those victims "at work" doing, if there were no desks, no carpet, no vending machines??

    You don't have to judge Simon Shack's work upon whether you agree with the Luis Mariano/Louis Mariana photos. It rests upon a much larger logic that there must be ZERO casualties and that all that is necessary is fear, but no real casualties.

    It goes a long way toward explaining why the Truth Movement has been so weak. There are no REALLY PISSED OFF family members, just curious citizens.

    Just remember, the 767s crashing into towers and exploding inside VIOLATE PHYSICS AND THEREFORE DID NOT HAPPEN. Same with 100% lack of furniture or carpet in the rubble. IT JUST DIDN'T HAPPEN.

    There are two levels of "Truth", the first is the stuff based upon the footage and planted evidence, and the SECOND LAYER OF TRUTH goes beneath the CGI footage that we saw.

    Best Regards, Frankly Speaking

  2. Anonymous

    FYI – the link below might interest you.

    Hope all is going well – your recent speech on democracy was really good!


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