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Project Censored’s Nolan Higdon defends his critique of Alex Jones

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Guest: Nolan Higdon of Project Censored, who slammed Alex Jones in his recent article:

Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones’ War on Your Mind

Alex Jones has led 9/11 truth protests at Ground Zero on 9/11 anniveraries

 James Tracy, the professor at (censored) University who has been battling the forces of censorship at (censored) University, thought Higdon’s attack on Jones was out of line, and responded:

With “Disinfo Wars” Project Censored Abandons Principles

Professor Tracy later graciously published Higdon’s rejoinder:

“Disinfo Wars” Author Responds

As for me, I mostly agree with James Tracy’s position, so I appreciate Nolan Higdon’s willingness to come on my show and exchange views.

My own critique of Alex Jones, who I mostly admire, has gotten a lot of reads:

Is Alex Jones a Complete Idiot?

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