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Psychology professor demonstrates: “Conspiracy theorists” OK; government dupes clueless, humorless

Coast to Coast Radio just canceled its plans to broadcast a show tonight on my widely-read Press TV article on research suggesting that “conspiracy theorists” are saner than government dupes.

They replaced it with “whales and dolphins in captivity.”

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2 Thoughts to “Psychology professor demonstrates: “Conspiracy theorists” OK; government dupes clueless, humorless”

  1. Thank you for all your great work. Some NATO countries like Norway still covertly torture people who tell the truth about events such as 9/11. This systematic torture of bloggers and journalists in some western countries won't stop until more people wake up and start asking questions. Your work is important, thank you for doing it, and keep it up.

  2. Anonymous

    bravo, kevin, for that michael wood go-around. dismaying to see george knapp mixed up on the wrong side of that. he seemed such a pillar in the ufo/paranormal realm. have you read "hunt for the skinwalker"? that material might even prompt you to reconsider andrew basiago.

    fyi, i don't have much to contribute except that i do try to keep track of language development, and i have a good memory for it. here are a couple notes you might find useful.

    "conspiracy theory". i don't believe this term existed before the kennedy assassination. after the assassination, there were so many people who got their heads together–in annual conventions, even–about the doctored and twisted evidence that the term quickly appeared and has proved tremendously useful in the wake of 9/11. but i am guessing you could pore through all western english literature prior to 1963 and never find those two words together.

    "holocaust". here's another beaut. growing up in the 1950s, "holocaust" always, always referred to the potential nuclear holocaust which we poor american suburbanites faced as the only real threat to our comfortable lifestyle. that all changed in 1977 or 1978, when a much-hyped docudrama on the jewish war experience brought the new use of the phrase to the fore, where it has remained ever since. somehow, the nuclear holocaust faded rather quickly away. i remember this vividly because i wrote a little song during the late 1960s with a chicago hippie friend who had had a nightmare about waking up after a nuclear devastation. we referred to it freely as "the holocaust", without a thought to the travails of the jews.

    i find the etymology of "holocaust" to be quite interesting. as i understand, it refers to the burning of the whole offering to the divinity whose favor is being curried. the usual non-holocaust mode of sacrifice is simply to kill the animal. the divinity receives the attendant joy derived from the animal's death, and who knows but what it might gobble up its soul as well. then, in the best kosher tradition, humans get to partake of the physical remains, being hearty meals of meat. but when you really want to make brownie points with the divinity, you forego your share of it and burn the body as well. tsk, tsk–broccoli for dinner tonight. such hardship!

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