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New Press TV interview, Syria unrest, Israeli plot to destabilize Mideast

Check out my new Press TV interview:

Watch the interview and read the transcript:

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3 Thoughts to “New Press TV interview, Syria unrest, Israeli plot to destabilize Mideast”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, I spent much of my energy since 2004 trying to understand Zionism, Israel, Palestine, AIPAC, the Middle East, etc.

    Your succinct piece is unsurpassed, & that includes Jonathan Cook, William Cook, James Petras, & Gilad Atzmon.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Sirs,

    I am concerned that the memory of the holocaust dead and the deaths of many German civilians and soldiers who perished in the second world war is being abused.

    Dachau, I feel, is wrong to allow people like Angela Merkel to personally profit from her recent publicised visit. I was sickened to see Merkel at Dachau. She is silent when Israel today bombs small children, but atones at Dachau for similar war crimes of German grandparents.

    I do not believe all Germans are evil. Not do I believe that all Jews are innocent victims. Dachau still perpetuates this misinformation and propaganda. Goebbels would be proud of how Dachau is abused to misinform the population.

    Angela Merkel could visit a working concentration camp, the one at Gaza, if she really and sincerely wanted to atone for German war crimes.

    Dachau could become a twin town of Gaza too. This would be the best statement of sincere atonment Dachau could make. Instead, Dachau remains silent when infanticide is committed in Gaza.

    While bowing her head at Dachau, she exports nuclear submarines and weapons to Israel, a racist state guilty of dropping phosphor bombs on children saving in the Gaza concentration camp.

    Dachau should be objective: why did Germans fear the Jewish threat, communism and capitalism? Hitler had a right, as a democratically elected Chancellor, like Merkel, to defend German families from this jewish threat.

    Zionists had agreed with Lord Balfour to get America to defeat Germany in 1916, in return for Palestine. 90 Jewish bankers shamed and humiliated Germany at Versailles in 1918.

    The Jewish controlled Weimar Republic allowed privileged Jews to control Germany's press, banks and civil service, while Germans starved and suffered hyper- inflation.

    Zionists and Nazis collaborated to rid Germany of Jews. Jews were paid to leave for Palestine. No country wanted Jews. When Poland refused to accept Polish Jews expelled from Germany, the Terrorist Jew, Greenspan, murdered the German attaché in Paris, causing centres of Jewish terrorism in Germany, the synagogues, to be attacked.


  3. Anonymous

    (continued from previous post)

    Zionist had compelled most countries to not accept the tide of Jewish refugees fleeing Germany. Germans jewish problem should not become the problem of other countries. Jews had to go to populate Palestine and displace the indigenous population by force and violence. we recall the massacre at Deir Yassin, when hundreds of Palestinian families were murdered by Zionist terrorists.

    We must recall that Israel does not speak for decent Jews, but is a Zionist apartheid state which once collaborated with the Nazis and collaborates with Merkel today.

    Israeli massacres of children in the Gaza concentration camp today would not be applauded by Ana Frank. She was a victim of Zionism and Nazism. Thus Israel, responsible for the holocaust, must not benefit from Dachau. Nor must Merkel, who willingly collaborates today with her Zionist handlers in the Knesset, giving Israel German arms to murder small children in Gaza and Syria, be allowed to abuse Dachau for her personal gain.

    Thus, it is incumbent upon Dachau to relate history as it was, not to revise nor deny it. Nor should Dachau allows Zionists or Merkel to censor or silence historical and factual objectivity. Dachau should not be a victim of censorship nor extortion. That was how Hitler worked.

    The jewish Holocaust should not become a money making and extorting business, nor should Dachau become a German "Disney Land" where politicians seek to stand on the shoulders of the Ana Franks.

    I hope that Dachau will be objective and professional and tell the story of Germany's racist past as it was, not how the victors and Zionists demand it should be written. Zionists in the Knesset and Merkel will wish to exculpate themselves from their own collaboration with racism, Nazism and Zionism.

    Dachau should however, remain loyal to the facts and to the truth.

    A twinning of Dachau with Gaza would show that Germans are no longer silent, but hear the midnight cries of the starving children behind the barbed wire of the Gaza concentration camp, who live in daily fear of Israeli racism.

    Kind Regards

    Inma Santos


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