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Colorado “open season on drones” law should be expanded

Deer Trail, Colorado is about to declare open season on drones:

“According to the proposed ordinance, which will be considered by the town council at its next meeting on Aug. 6, prospective bounty hunters can get a one-year drone-hunting license for $25. Proposed bounties will be $25 for those turning in the wings or fuselage of downed aircraft and $100 for mostly intact vehicles. To collect the bounty, the wreckage must have ‘markings, and configuration … consistent with those used by the United States federal government.'”

It’s a great idea. But why stop with drones? Why not declare open season on a wider range of treasonous government activity?

Drone surveillance – like license plate readers, traffic surveillance cameras,  airport TSA checkpoints, NSA data gathering, and various other current practices – are blatant violations of the Constitution of the United States of America. Under the Constitution, no government searches and seizures (i.e. surveillance) of any kind is permitted, unless the government requests and obtains a warrant based on specific information regarding criminal activity, and explains precisely and in detail what it is looking for and why.

Those violating the Constitution are traitors.

And the penalty for treason is death.

So maybe it’s time for municipal, county, and state governments to pass laws specifically authorizing the destruction of property and, if necessary, the use of deadly force against government officials who violate the Constitution.

The Constitution demands that all license plate readers, facial recognition machines, traffic surveillance cameras, red-light cameras, and computer surveillance technologies must be destroyed; and the traitors operating them must be tried, convicted, and executed. State, county, and local governments ought to pass laws specifically authorizing citizens to destroy the machinery of treason. Bounties should be offered to citizens who shoot, smash, sabotage, or otherwise destroy these machines. And citizens should be authorized to use deadly force against any uniformed traitors attempting to prevent the destruction of the machinery of treason.

If enough local and state governments pass laws like these, a mass movement to restore Constitutional governance could arise.

Hats off to the brave citizens of Deer Park, Colorado!

One Thought to “Colorado “open season on drones” law should be expanded”

  1. Those violating the Constitution are traitors.

    And the penalty for treason is death.

    Hell yeah! What a great way to create high-paying jobs in the uhh, termination services!

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