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Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!

Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ruled that Larry Silverstein cannot keep double-dipping for billions of extra dollars in World Trade Center insurance money.

Silverstein, who bought the condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center two months before it was struck by “Zionist lightning”* in 2001, was asking for an extra 11 billion dollars, on top of the roughly five billion dollars he has already extorted from insurers, despite his public confession to demolishing WTC-7 himself. Judge Hellerstein, who had already reduced the 11 billion dollar second claim to three billion dollars, finally got fed up with Silverstein’s outlandish chutzpah and dismissed the case.

Publicly, Hellerstein hailed Silverstein as one of the “heroes” of 9/11 who “sought to create beauty out of destruction” (“beauty” apparently meaning “an endless US war on Israel’s enemies”).  Yet the judge declined to hand Silverstein the extra three billion dollars.

Hellerstein’s private memo to Silverstein – which has just been made public by Edward Snowden, who is still using his NSA backdoor algorithms to hack into everyone on earth’s private correspondence – reveals an interesting back-story.

From: Judge Alvin “Big Al” Hellerstein
To: Lucky Larry
Dated: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
CC: Edward Snowden, Moscow Airport, Delayed Departures Lounge

Hey “Lucky Larry”

Your luck has run out, pal.

You are making the tribe look bad.

You bought a condemned property. You doubled the insurance. It burned down. Then you doubled down again with your double-indemnity claim. And now here you are, doubling down a third time.

Third time’s the charm, schmuck.

You can take those three billion shekels you’re asking for and stick them right up your keister.

The whole world knows you as “Mr. Pull-It.”

You are a world-class putz. 

Mr. Rothschild is getting very, very angry with you.

You have enormous chutzpah, Mr. Silverstein. And I do not mean that in the goyish complimentary sense. 

If I were you, I would stay out of tall buildings until this thing blows over.


Judge Alvin Hellerstein
Mossad Special Operations – American Judiciary Infiltration Unit
32°8’35″N   34°48’15″E
Tel Aviv, Israel

*When a building burns down in New York, for no discernible reason other than insurance fraud, it’s attributed to “Jewish lightning.”  Yes, we know that’s an anti-Semitic expression. The people of New York should be ashamed of themselves for talking that way.

8 Thoughts to “Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!”

  1. Anonymous

    To Whom It May Concern,
    When "Big Al" Hellerstein was young, he played in a punk band as "Al Hell." And he even made a naughty movie called "Al Hell Breaks Loose." If he had just coughed up that three billion dollars, I wouldn't have had to tell you this.
    Sincerely, Larry Silverstein

  2. The judge said 'Lucky Larry' couldn't sue in New York state, so watch him move his act to another and start over.

  3. Once upon a vacation I wandered with my family into a restaurant in a small western town where we struck up a conversation with a retired New Yorker and his wife. He had been a foreman for a construction company that operated in NYC. He said that every year the owners of such companies had to go to a big hall meeting and publicly declare how much money they would donate to Israel. If it was not enough, they would not be hired by the attending landlords. This sounds a lot like extortion to me. Perhaps there is a better word, but whatever it is, it is sickening.

  4. Great laughs, Kevin, thanks!!!

  5. Anonymous


    Without a doubt, you have made a major contribution to the 9/11 Truth effort, not to mention the brakes placed on Mr. Silverstein:

    Obviously someone up the ladder is beginning to feel the heat and doesn't like the attention, which means we must be doing something right!

  6. Anonymous

    The whole plot has been obvious to us,intellect Muslims,as we have been following the american economy and the prediction for an exist out before the economic recession that year,luckily the plot has given the us a temporary exist for the mess that the bush has put his country into.And at the same time milk the Arabian cows by calling out wolf wolf ,which its actually their backyard puppy.The whole conspiracy was beautifully designed and set,most probably big Jewish names from Hollywood are involved too to oversee the entire end of the world film.

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    When American Apache pilots massacre civilians in a street, laughingly and in jubilation, nothing happens. These murderers are today wandering the streets of America, with no charges brought.

    It's okay to kill, torture, waterboard and imprison Moslems, evidently. America is today, in regard to the discrimination and persecution of Moslems, where she was until the 60's and her discrimination of blacks. Moslems are today's American black citizens.

    However, one little Pakistani and Moslem women is sentenced to 85 years in prison for murdering no- one.

    America has the best " justice" money can buy. The whole world despairs for America.

    How can America take back control of her congress, and control,of her foreign policy and democracy and the rule of law, away from those foreign elements who have purchased Congressmen?

    First thing is to abolish the Federal Reserve. Then to liberalise and free up the American press and media, currently in the hands of foreign agents. Then, the NSA and Homeland security must be abolished, as it perpetrated 9/11 and demolished the third tower. All money and arms to Israel must stop. No foreign lobby organisations like AIPAC should be allowed to finance and control American election campaigns. The American aid billions return from Israel to finance Israel- friendly America candidates who perpetuate more aid billions.

    Approximately one billion dollars returns to America each year to purchase more and more American politicians and control the media.


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