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The Guardian goes truther! Charlie Skelton exposes “the Great Wall of Bilderberg”

My intel contacts claim that The Guardian is, shall we say, in bed with, and heavily penetrated by, Britain’s intelligence services.

Other UK contacts – people close to former high-level MP Michael Meacher – say that Meacher had his life threatened for writing about 9/11 truth in The Guardian. Since Meacher backed down in 2004, fearing for his family’s safety, The Guardian published no truthful material whatsoever about 9/11…until September 12th, 2011, when Charlie Skelton’s How the world changed after 9/11 blew a lot of minds.

And now, Charlie is at it again: He’s covering the formerly top-secret Bilderberg Conference. Charlie’s latest: Bilderberg 2013: welcome to 1984. Here’s an extract:

At one point in the meeting, during a tense exchange about contingency plans for dog-walkers, Rhodes let slip that Operation Discuss (the codename for the Bilderberg security operation) had been up and running for 18 months. Residents and journalists shared an intake of breath. “Eighteen months?” The reason for all the secrecy? “Terrorism”.
Great Wall of Watford  
 The Great Wall of Watford

After 59 years of Bilderbgerg guests scuttling about in the shadows, ducking lenses and dodging the news, that’s the rationale we’re given? The same rationale, presumably, is behind the Great Wall of Watford, a concrete-and-wire security fence encircling the hotel. As ugly as it is unnecessary, it looks like the kind of thing you throw yourself against in a stalag before being machine-gunned from a watchtower. Appropriately fascistic, you might say, if you regard fascism as “the merger of corporate and government power”, as Mussolini put it.

The same threat of “terrorism” was used to justify the no-pedestrian, no-stopping zones near the venue. The police laid out their logic: they had “no specific intelligence” regarding a terror threat. However, in recent incidents, such as Boston and Woolwich, there had been no intelligence prior to the attack. Therefore the lack of any threat of a terror attack fitted exactly the profile of a terror attack. The lack of a threat was a threat. Welcome to 1984.

Why are the Bilderbergers so paranoid about nonexistent “terrorist threats” ?

Maybe it’s all a big joke. Maybe they’re laughing up their sleeves at us as they use fabricated paranoia to mobilize money and militarism to protect their ill-gotten gains.

But I have another, more Freudian interpretation. I think the Bilderbergers, and the rest of the ruling elite, know perfectly well that they are the most low-down rotten scumbags that have ever walked the earth. I think they know that they deserve to be hit by “terrorists.” I think they know that they deserve to be blown up, shot to smithereens, poison-gassed, hacked to death, electrocuted, pierced by shrapnel, ripped to pieces by vicious beasts, and/or otherwise dispatched.

I think they know that if there were any justice in the world, any truth in the world, they would be ripped to pieces by righteously angry mobs, I mean, “terrorists.”

So even though there is (for better or worse) not a proverbial chance in hell of such a thing happening, the Bilderbergers are ruled by their secret fears that, however improbably, justice might someday prevail.

I have seen this attitude first-hand. Back in 1984, one of the Midwest’s wealthiest men, the Republican industrialist honcho Terry Kohler, came over for dinner. My father, the executive VP of North Sails, was negotiating that company’s sale to Kohler.

During the dinner conversation, Terry Kohler’s wife Mary made a very interesting remark. It was a lot like George H.W. Bush’s famous admission to journalist Sarah McClendon: “If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” What Mary said was something like: If the Democrats and left-wingers ever get the chance, they will kill us and take everything we have.

Her paranoia was palpable. And it was obviously deeply-rooted in guilt.

Kohler was on the Republican National Steering Committee from 2002 to 2007, a Bush-Cheney Steering Committee member in 2004, and a long-time supporter of Newt Gingrich. Directly or indirectly complicit in 9/11, he would certainly be dealt with harshly if the people ever discovered the truth.

And so the ruling elite continues to wallow in paranoia about what might happen if they ever got what they know they deserve.

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