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Ding Dong the Bush is Dead

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor My Catholic friend Martin Hill just wrote to me on the occasion of the death George H.W. Bush: As a Catholic I hope no one of God’s creatures will go to hell. To wish such on anyone would  be evil & demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the seriousness of what hell actually is. When I heard the news of Bush’s death we prayed for his soul. OK Martin, I see your point. But for little ole Muslim me, praying for the soul of George H.W. Bush seems a waste of perfectly good prayer space.…


CIA whistleblower & White House whistleblower agree: George H.W. Bush is evil!

I just did back-to-back interviews of two of America’s most important whistleblowers: CIA/Special Ops whistleblower Gene “Chip” Tatum White House whistleblower Barbara Honegger Both agree that George H.W. Bush is as evil as a human being can be.  Chip Tatum resigned from his Special Ops position when Bush ordered him to “neutralize” Ross Perot. Barbara Honegger resigned from the Reagan White House when she learned that Bush had cut a deal with the Iranians to keep the hostages locked up in order to ensure Carter’s defeat. She was also an eyewitness to the likely involvement of George H.W. Bush in…


The Guardian goes truther! Charlie Skelton exposes “the Great Wall of Bilderberg”

My intel contacts claim that The Guardian is, shall we say, in bed with, and heavily penetrated by, Britain’s intelligence services. Other UK contacts – people close to former high-level MP Michael Meacher – say that Meacher had his life threatened for writing about 9/11 truth in The Guardian. Since Meacher backed down in 2004, fearing for his family’s safety, The Guardian published no truthful material whatsoever about 9/11…until September 12th, 2011, when Charlie Skelton’s How the world changed after 9/11 blew a lot of minds. And now, Charlie is at it again: He’s covering the formerly top-secret Bilderberg Conference.…