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Why did Wired Magazine’s “posthumans” censor Jonathan Talat Phillips?

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Tuesday, June 4th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Energy healer Jonathan Talat Phillips, the author of Electric Jesus, is apparently too weird for Wired! His article offering predictions for 2013 was solicited by Wired Magazine, then turned down because…well, apparently the techno-geek “posthumans” at Wired can’t deal with obsolete concepts like soul, consciousness, spirituality, healing, and other central features of old-style humanity.

The techno-geek community’s hatred of humanity is evidenced by their love of what they call “the posthuman,” meaning the genocidal, ecocidal, omnicidal destruction of the human species and the planetary biosphere of which it is a part. These “people” (but don’t call them that, it’s an insult) want to kill not only you and me and everyone else alive, and all future generations of human beings, but they are out to turn the earth, and maybe the universe, into a mass of genetico-electronically nano-engineered gray goo. (Where’s the unabomber when we need him?)

Anyway…Jonathan Talat Phillips is coming on my show to say not only what Wired won’t allow him to say…but to push the boundaries of free speech and get as weird as he possibly can.

Does this guy really work with spiritual entities that inhabit – and sometimes “possess” – human minds?! Tune in and find out.

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    Enjoy your break.
    You're one of just a few journalists that i listen to / read. You deserve every minute of time you take a way from work and writing and investigative journalism. Rest well.

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    Cant wait for your return mr barrett . We love you here in london england. Your shows are the best thing on the net all the best mate

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