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Prof. Anthony Hall on Splitting-the-Sky, Martin Hill on “Texas-Israel Day”

Splitting-the-Sky, trying to arrest George W. Bush

First hour: Professor Anthony Hall (U. of Lethbridge) is the author of Earth Into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism – a dazzling (and openly pro-9/11-truth) book published by McGill University Press. Professor Hall was a long-time associate of Splitting-the-Sky, who passed away in March after a brilliant career as a fire-breathing orator, civil resistant, and inspiration for the Calgary Principles.

Second hour: Martin Hill joins the truth jihad to celebrate Texas-Israel Day!

4 Thoughts to “Prof. Anthony Hall on Splitting-the-Sky, Martin Hill on “Texas-Israel Day””

  1. Anonymous


    Link to videos

    If you want to ask Jim Fetzer what he thinks about this being a nuke I would like to hear you two hash that possibility out. Also with Syria's internet being knocked out.

    I think Gordon may have intentionally talked around this or he would get censored, so he said what he could to get others to look into it. That is just my guess, he is a spy, so its hard to believe any particular thing he says, but there is a message there always. Why would he spend an hour talking about howitzers (which can deliver neutron bombs). He was also very careful with his words around the topic.

    Why at night indeed….

    Both these videos seem to have a full media blackout.

    Please keep my name out of it, I'm a lurker.

    Best to you.

    LMK if you get this email.


  2. Anonymous

    I will depart on Saturday for a memorial to the "political life" of John Boncore, STS, to take place in Washington DC on Sunday May 19. The point person in the organization seems to be John Steinbach. He is very outspoken about how STS kept AIM politics going in the 1990s. He was also outspoken on the importance and scale of the protest assemblies STS organized at the United Nations with his League of Indigenous sovereign nations. He tended to speak of Dac's time in Canada as a kind of footnote to what he did earlier. One or more Attica brothers will be there. Black Panthers no doubt.

    I'll try to keep you posted.

  3. I think it has registered on many of us that Doug Brinkman is very intent on pointing out that some kind of violence did in fact take place between 19-year old John Boncore and William Quinn during the Attica prison event in 1971. Two days after this violent incident Quinn died. I acknowledge this fact of history as well as Doug Brinkman's zeal to emphasize it in his characterization of the main significance of STS's life.

    I think Mr. Brinkman might respect the fact that we all have a right to emphasize wherever we choose in coming to terms with the life, times,and death of STS.

    As I understand it, it was Wayne Prante who successfully made the case to Mr. Brinkman that I should be invited along with Kevin Barrett to share a podium hosted by Edmonton 9/11 Truth at the Stanley Milner Public Library in 2008. Wayne apparently heard me on the Truthjihad show and on that basis made his suggestion to Doug.

    So whatever spin Mr. Brinkman wants to put on the STS-Prante relationship can as easily be placed on the Brinkman-Prante relationship.

    Personally I don't think this guilt-by-association thing is very helpful. Nor does it do justice to Mr. Brinkman's higher self.

    I am pleased to have collaborated with STS and Mr. Brinkman and Mr. Barrett in the process of going from a private researcher on 9/11 to a public presenter on the topic starting in Edmonton. I see no reason not to continue my efforts to understand and illuminate what happened on 9/11 in spite of whatever did or did not happen at Attica in 1971.

    I wasn't there to witness the episode resulting in the deaths of 43 individuals and neither was Mr. Brinkman. I have talked about the episode with STS several times and I have researched the subject and written about it in some detail in Earth into Property. I think that some might say that the 17 years STS spent in prison might be taken as evidence that he did in fact pay heavily for whatever transpired along the way to William Quinn's death.

    Perhaps Mr. Brinkman might take a moment to reflect and comment on the murder of the 42 others at Attica whose homicides have never been the subject of any criminal proceedings. Or are the crimes against those in the underclass less worthy of emphasis than the tragic death of young father of two, William Quinn? May the fallen brother rest in peace. May we also continue to honour the memory of the 42 others who lost their lives in the course of the Attica prison debacle.

    Doug Brinkman has made his point. I acknowledge his point that STS had a role in the death of William Quinn. All this leaves me with some sense of sadness and humility in the face of all the violence that too often arises in our relationships with one another and the rest of nature. May I not judge others until I have walked in their moccasins.

    Anthony Hall

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