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I just made front page headlines in Israel

Israel’s biggest newspaper is outraged by my Press TV story Israel celebrates successful 9/11 operation on Purim holiday.  

(Click here for the English version of the YNet article.)

The newspaper YNet isn’t outraged that Israeli kids are dressing up as the burning Twin Towers to celebration Purim, a joyous occasion commemorating Jews’ tricking an empire into slaughtering 75,000 “enemies of the Jewish people.”

YNet isn’t outraged that Benjamin Netanyahu’s first reaction to 9/11 was: “It’s very good.”

YNet isn’t outraged that Netanyahu kept right on crowing about how wonderful 9/11 was, and was still saying it seven years later.

YNet isn’t outraged that the “Dancing Israelis” had clear and obvious foreknowledge of 9/11 – they set up their cameras before the first plane hit – yet failed to warn anyone.

YNet isn’t outraged that the “Dancing Israelis” had the chutzpah to wildly celebrate the 9/11 attacks, as they were happening, right across the harbor from the Twin Towers.

YNet isn’t outraged that “retired” Mossad chief Mike Harari threw a huge party to celebrate the success of 9/11, and bragged that he was behind the attacks.

YNet is outraged at me for mentioning these facts.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

7 Thoughts to “I just made front page headlines in Israel”

  1. oh lalala …terrible stuff !

    Tu sais quoi Kevin mais c'est une quenelle de 3750 mm !!! Dieudonnesque!!!

  2. boo hoo, god's most chosen crybabies.

  3. Anonymous

    Good work Dr. B. And don't forget that Nuttyahoo gave Obama a special copy of the book of Ester a while ago. Ester is of course a celebration of genocide. There were two lesser genocides before the 75,000. One was 500 dead and another was 300 dead, plus the death of Haman and his ten sons, all in line with the Ten Commandments rule of punishing children for the sins of their fathers.

    The good news is that the book of Ester is total fiction. The sad news is that this mythological tale of murder is celebrated with glee, even unto this day. Pathetic.


  4. Anonymous

    If they give Israel 3 billion while cutting kids from foodstamps, healthcare, education, servicemen etc…this country should RISE UP.

    Will Lobby Get Israel Exempted From Sequestration?

  5. this country should RISE UP.

    What, and miss their favorite TalmudVision shows?

    America is kaput.

  6. Anonymous

    RT: "Major Strategic Ally" Status Sought by AIPAC for Israel to stop cuts in Aid to Israel by the sequester

  7. Anonymous

    "We shall have a [Jewish] world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." – James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker

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