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Alex Jones is NOT a complete idiot, you idiots!

Piers Morgan may be terrified of Alex, but he can’t ignore him

One thing I’ll say about Alex Jones: He elicits strong feelings, one way or the other.

A lot of people really care about Alex. They want to talk about him. They want to argue about him.

Some want to insult him. Others rush to defend him. Still others have something more nuanced to say.

My article entitled “Is Alex Jones a complete idiot?” was actually pretty nuanced. Me, I like Alex. But I didn’t like him pissing on Hugo Chavez’s grave, so I went ahead and called him out on that…and on his habit of going easy on Zionism.

The response was overwhelming: Tens of thousands of reads. More comments than I could keep up with.

Obviously Alex is not a complete idiot. He’s a genius, a political provocateur who has turned himself into a larger-than-life icon. A whole lot of people pay attention to him and care about him and want to read and argue about him. In some ways he’s like Hugo Chavez – a populist giving the finger to the New World Order occupation of his country, stirring up millions of people, getting himself loved and hated but rarely ignored.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t call him out when he does something idiotic.

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One Thought to “Alex Jones is NOT a complete idiot, you idiots!”

  1. Anonymous

    Did you notice that Soros is a palendrome ? Unless I spelled his name wrong, and who cares anyway?

    Anyway, I was disappointed and surprised to hear the late Splitting the Sky say that Soros funds not only Move On, but ANSWER.

    All the talk of a "disappearing middle class" over the past few years is really starting to hit home with my own finances. I'm making less than I was 5 years ago and everything costs more. Just this year I've really started to feel it and I'm pissed. The corporate robber barons, as Bob Bowman calls them, are fucking me in the ass and I'm not enjoying it at all. And as much as my ass hurts, it isn't as troubling as what my government does around the world day after day. It really is 1984, isn't it ? The terminology could be funny if it wasn't so infuriating. "Citizens United" ? What a joke. It's like they hand you a bowl of warm donkey poop and tell you it's a delicious casserole. "But it looks and smells like…." "No, it's casserole, trust us."

    Collateral damage. Dead women and children are not collateral damage. They're dead women and children. Or men.

    Pre-emptive strike. Sounds like needless warfare, needless death and destruction.

    Federal Reserve. You know all there is to know.

    Fair and Balanced is another one. Pretty sure it's donkey poop.

    War on terror. War on drugs. What infuriating nonsense.

    Will we ever straighten this stuff out ? Will the empire crumble and we'll have a period of peace and equality while they scramble to get control once again ? Will I be handsome, will I be rich, what will my future be ? Que sera sera. I'll tell you what, Kevin Barrett. Doris Day in her bra singing Que Sera in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (Jimmy Stewart, not Richard Case Nagel) is still pretty hot.

    Live long and prosper, Professor.


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