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Wayne Madsen: 9/11 author Philip Marshall “suicided” by black ops team

Tuesday, Feb 19th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest: Former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen of

Wayne Madsen writes:

February 15-17, 2013 — Sacramento, CA — Philip Marshall: A black ops hit made to appear as a suicide  

Philip Marshall, the retired United Airlines pilot, 9/11 analysis author, and one-time Iran-contra era associate of CIA/DEA informant Barry Seal, did not shoot his two teen-age children and himself. That is the conclusion of everyone who knew Marshall after he moved to the Sierra Nevadas community of Murphys ten years ago after he sold his home in Santa Barbara…Marshall, who believed that the Bush family, allied with Saudi and neo-conservative interests, pulled off the 9/11 attack to engineer a government coup d’etat, was working on a fourth book that promised to reveal some new blockbuster information.

The sheriff claimed gunshots could not be heard because houses are far apart. This photo of the Marshall home, not using any distance enhancement lens, was taken from the neighbor’s house. A door never opened was found ajar on this side of the house.
9/11 whistleblower Philip Marshall and his children

10 Thoughts to “Wayne Madsen: 9/11 author Philip Marshall “suicided” by black ops team”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm sure you're correct. How tragic.

  2. Yes…how tragic indeed 🙁

    All the more reason to "accelerate" our efforts in exposing the "truth" of 9/11.

    Love "Light" and Energy


  3. Anonymous

    Somebody took the time to transcribe the whole show:

  4. Anonymous

    Forget for a moment how you feel about 9-11 and what you might think of someone believing that there was a reason for the entire Bin Laudin family flown out of the country either before or immediately after 9-11/ FORGET ALL OF THIS AND JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS OF THIS SUPPOSED MURDER-SUICIDE? THE KNOWN FACTS OF THIS CRIME SCENE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED TO US AS THE BLACK OPS DO THEIR JOB WELL. SORRY IF YOU ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE WHAT IS OBVIOUS.

  5. Anonymous

    I read you article on verteranstoday, and I must say that I happen to believe the same as what was started in your article.

    I live here in Murphys, In Forest Meadows, just like Phillip Marshall.

    I happen to have access to our local grocery store's security footage. I played back the footage of the last time Marshall was in.

    Phillip Marshall was in our grocery store around 3:30pm, and proceeded to buy a gallon of 2% milk, frozen fruit popcicles, and what appeared to be 2 tall cans of Coors Light beer. He payed with his credit card.

    What I noticed about watching the footage, is that Phillip is DEFINITELY right handed, which you were unsure of in your article. Reached for items with the right hand, signed the credit card machine with his right hand, ect. I thought you would want to know that, along with what was purchased what would have been just a few hours prior to the murder.

    I also noticed 4 police vehicles, and 2 government SUV's heading to the marshall residence the following wednesday after the murder, at 9:30PM at night.

    They were there for at least a few hours.

    Hope this info helps you out.

  6. Anonymous


    Sorry I couldn't get to a phone fast enough, but . . . in case you do not-as-yet already know it . . . you were on "Coast to Coast AM" last night, with Wayne Madsen (WM), talking about Phil Marshall (PM).

    I looked up the "recap" online today, but you weren't mentioned.

    In case you weren't listening in yourself, then the only way to get it would be by paying "Coast" some money to download the segment. You were on in the first hour, from after the midnight news . . . at the top of the midnight (Saturday midnight / Sunday am ) hour . . . until the news at 1 am.

    Just thought you might like to know.



  7. Anonymous

    The government is not really. We know it to be an organized crime corporation, and we know it has little regard for human life, or human rights, divinely ordained or otherwise. Crimes against humanity: just part of SOP.

    I learned this at age 4, in a little Italian town, the day that John F. Kennedy was murdered by them in Dallas. Heck, even the old gumbas who hung out in the little hotel watching the TV for the reports were saying this word, which I will never forget: mafiosi! They knew this in a remote farm community in northern Italy.

    I have known all my life, this thing is like a ravening monster prowling throughout the population like a serial killer but no one will even question it. How many people have lost their lives on American soil the last 50 years in this war with the crime dons of Washington? It's a war alright, a bloody, brutal, vicious war being kept hushed up by conspiracy, clandestineness and complicity. What has been the reaction of the public to other high profile, celebrated serial killers that get their name & fame on national news? Fear, Panic, Demands…yet the biggest and most brutal one of them all continues preying upon us with impunity. And only here lately have I seen the public attitude toward "government" change to the point where some kind of action against them might be possible. That has to come first because if most people believe their government is pure as driven snow, what does that make anyone who voices the accusation?

    It makes me sick to hear about another 9/11 truther who got the snuff because of what he knew, and was about to share. It shows me something, that all us tin-foil hatters with our conspiracy theories about 9/11 are not wrong, because if the official report is correct, they would not kill someone who could prove otherwise. Actually, I knew on the day it was inside job. Here's what happened. I had to go down to the corner pub to watch it on their TV because I'm not a cable subscriber. We all sat there with our beers and watched the towers come down, and all those rubes start shouting about killin' some damn towel-heads. I stood up, and shouted: "Shut the hell up for a minute!" With everyone looking at me, I said, "can't you see what's going on here? That was a masterpiece of controlled demolition people, so don't go blaming the Arabs!" Let me ask you, how popular do you think I was right at that moment? And did those yahoos pause to recall my words when it was discovered later on how many of the terrorist hijackers who flew their planes into destruction survived it? I hope they did. I knew it was inside job from day one. You don't pull off such an expertly flawless demo like that unless it was.

    Good job on the article and the interview with Madsen!

  8. Anonymous

    Brilliant interview with Madsen. I listened to it again.

    Man, i really wish people would plan better when they're in dangerous positions and potential targets. With some good planning, the info he had could have easily been passed on to someone who could have done something with it after he was offed. A real shame.

  9. Paul, every C2C show is on YouTube under C2Cvault. No need to pay.

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