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E. Michael Jones: “Smells like Jewish revolutionary spirit!”

Wed. 2/20/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, is one of America’s most interesting dissident intellectuals. Driven out of Notre Dame University for opposing abortion (!) Dr. Jones has since developed a fascinating historical analysis of the ongoing struggle between Christianity and what he calls “the Jewish revolutionary spirit.” In his view, Israel’s habit of taking over Palestinian TV stations and broadcasting pornography is just the latest example of Jewish tribal power’s use of vice – sexual deviation, usury, and various forms of organized crime – to weaken the community, family, and religious values of “enemy”societies, including the global Christian and Muslim communities.

At the Hollywoodism conference in Tehran, Dr. Jones suggested that Hollywood (an almost entirely Jewish enclave) has been dumbing down America and the world through lowest-common-denominator appeals to sex and violence as part of this age-old “culture war” against the goyim. And it’s working! American culture is in the gutter – while American Jews (less than 2% of the population) earn twice as much as non-Jews on average, make up roughly half of America’s richest billionaires, grab as much as a quarter of available openings in Ivy League universities through nepotism, completely dominate both big media and “alternative” media, contribute roughly half the campaign money that buys the loyalty of politicians, are wildly over-represented in most areas of power and privilege…in short, they’ve completely taken over, as the Chuck Hagel hearings (and the silencing of the truth about 9/11) demonstrate.

Is all this…gasp…anti-Semitic? Or is that word just an empty shibboleth, a smokescreen designed to obscure our view of historical reality? Let’s ask Dr. Jones!

Second hour: What’s really going on in Mali? Christof Lehman, an advisor to Malian opposition leader Dr. Oumar Mariko, says the conflict there is yet another example of the Zionist-imperialist strategy of smashing up existing states into smaller units that can be more easily controlled and looted:

The March 2012 coup d´etat was prompted, when opposition parties and high-ranking military officers became aware of a plan, hedged by the former President Touré, to sell off northern Mali to France and the Touarq. Many of Mali´s most valuable resources are located in the North.

The Zio-imperialists smashed Iraq into a Shi’a south, a vanishing Sunni center, and an oil-rich, Israeli-controlled Kurdish north. They smashed Sudan into a Muslim north and a resource-rich, Israeli-controlled “African” south. They smashed Libya into a victorious salafi east, and a defeated pro-Qaddafi west. They’re trying to smash Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines. They would like to do the same thing to Iran. This – the new Zionist-led imperial strategy of destabilizing and destroying nations in order to loot their resources – is what is really happening in Mali today.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin Barrett, I am listening to your interview with E. Michael Jones, whom I like, but I think his take on AIDS is not accurate. Researchers have established that AIDS and CFS are laboratory created programs for which there is substantial documentation. I would urge you to consider the matter yourself. Unfortunately, Canadian researcher and author Donald Scott died last year, in his eighties, but his book co-written with his son William Scott remains. It is AIDS: THE CRIME BEYOND BELIEF. You can purchase it on or perhaps get it through Inter library Loan. Leonard Horowitz also wrote a book on the subject EMERGING VIRUSES. Scott has given a fair amount of interviews about the book and one one Black-Op Radio is very good; actually it is a video. Scott notes that initially he set out to investigate CFS for a fellow employee in Canada who was being denied disability leave as CFS 's existence was officially disputed. His investigation and researches led to the woman receiving the disability and he found that his researches continually intertwined with AIDS which he found to be the other side of the coin of CFS; one was a deadly bio-weapon and CFS was a disabling bio-weapon. He clearly indicates that all of what he writes in the book is based on wither official US documents or published peer reviewed scientific research. He was a member and leader of Common Cause medical association which promoted alternative medical modalities, and he was editor of a quarterly Canadian Journal which was produced for years but ended two years ago called Journal of Degenerative Diseases. Another important source is the video " The Strecker Memorandum which is a lecture by Dr. Strecker about HIV being a man made virus. His credentials are good and explained. His brother was an attorney who was responsible, I read, forobtaining the government document that authorized money for the Pentagon to develope an AIDS like organism and a CFS like organism. Unfortunately, the brother was suicided and Dr. Strecker, who had published on his discovery, faded out of the public view. Listen to Strecker Memorandum: I think Peter Duesberg emerged as a Pied Piper to lure the segment of the population who were suspicious about the AIDS epidemic with it's many odd features away from the bio-weapon idea although his very speciality, molecular biology, was primarily the field of scientists involved in the creation of these stealth microbes.

  2. Anonymous

    AIDS was first injected into the homosexual community in America in November 1978 in NYC in a Hepatitis-B vaccine trail which sought and accepted only "promiscuous homosexuals" for the trial. The trials were subsequently also carried out in San Francisco, and Los Angelos and possibly Miami. A trial in Amsterdam used a vaccine which was specially treated to kill contaminants. Dr. Alan Cantwell has written about this matter of the vaccine trials. Interestingly, the man used to run the trials in the Rockefeller Bolood Bank in NYC was a highly trained Judaic physician sspecialist and researcher into Hepatitis-B who had been allowed to emigraate from the USSR a couple of years before being placed in charge of the vaccine trial. He was Polish born and trained in medicine in the USSR. Dr. Wolf Smuznes, if my memory serves me. Cantwell notes that Smuznes had once been roommate with the Pope who recently resigned, at some kind of a Soviet Retreat. November 1978 was also when the massacre at Jonestown occurred, and it was a massacre, not an optional suicide event. Also November 1978 was when the mayor of San Francisco and the gay Supervisor Harvey Milk about whom a movie was made with Sean Penn, were murdered. As a direct result of the murder of the mayor, Dianne Feinstein became mayor of S.F. something she was unlikely to achieve otherwise as she was not high in the Democratic pokitical machine and SF Mayor was a plum for them that paid their dues to the political machine. [in my humble opinion] Interesting to note, AZT which to his credit Duesberg warns against, is like a bioweapon/chemical antipersonnel weapon in that it 'targets' mitochondria DNA. Mitochondria are the source of most of the body's energy and they have their own DNA inherited solely from the mother, and mitochondria DNA, mtDNA, is different from the DNA in which the mitochondria reside! One study I saw on google scholar on mice found the AZT "targets cardiac mtDNA". This is a bit evil in that once destroying a woman's mtDNA or much of it, then all her issue will inherit the damaged mitochondria which logically means subsequent generations will be fatigued at best. And in Africa and in the US I think also AZT is pushed on pregnant women at risk of HIV or infected with HIV. AIDS is a matter worthy of examination. Duesberg likes to mention that the African population has grown steadily over the years and so AIDS either doesn't exist or it failed if it was intended to reduce the population. However, in Scott's researches, he found that the AIDS' chief target is Black Africans and the documented goal was to reduce the rate of population growth. I have checked if the UN statistics show a reduction since the advent of AIDS in the 'rate of growth' of the population and found it has definitely been curtailed although the has grown. JOT Don Scott interviewed by Black-Op Radio Part 1 Part 2

  3. Anonymous


    I just finished listening to your recent interview with E. Michael Jones and I'd like to say that you struck pay dirt. Would that all your guests were as intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful as he. I've been a fan of Jones' for quite some time and would love to hear you interview him in the future. How about once a week — from now until the end of Truth Jihad?


    P.S. you might find Michael Hoffman's book, Judaism's Strange Gods to be of interest.

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