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“100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit

Philip Marshall, Alex Marshall, and Macaila Marshall , RIP. We’ll do what we can to bust the scumbags who did this to you.

After a week-long on-site investigation, former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen is “100% certain” that 9/11 investigator and author Philip Marshall and his two children were killed in a black ops hit. Madsen’s conclusion is that the cover story – an alleged murder-suicide – is transparently absurd.  (read the complete article)

5 Thoughts to ““100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit”

  1. Anonymous

    I read the article and your mention of Paul Wellstone's crash reminded me to mention something about that day. Just so you know, I completely believe Wellstone's plane was brought down by someone with an agenda, and we most likely know who that was.

    On that day in 2001, my mother in law had a stroke. She was brought to her local hospital in Deer River, MN and the stroke/hemorrhage was severe enough that they called Life Flight to fly her to Duluth. The helicopter flight from Duluth to Deer River was called off however, due to weather conditions. We couldn't believe that the weather was that bad. It was about 40 degrees and overcast, maybe a little fog, no big deal. The decision was made to transport her to Duluth down Highway 2 east from Deer River (same general area as Wellstone's flight path) by ambulance instead. We all drove down to Duluth behind her. The roads were fine, just a little wet. We were told in Duluth that there were ice crystals higher up in the air and that is why they didn't fly her. We didn't question it, and were more concerned with mom's issues. Of note, after she had been in surgery for a little while we noticed that the entire hospital was quiet and everyone was gathered around the nearest available TV, and we soon found out why. A horrible day all around.

    I just can't reconcile what they told us at the hospital with Wellstone's crash. For us on the ground, conditions were fine. I could see that visibility in a plane "may" have been an issue for someone who wasn't a skilled pilot but that wasn't the case. I emailed this same information to Prof. Fetzer a few years ago but I think I must have worded it poorly and he may have thought I didn't agree with him on this issue.

    I have always thought this was odd. No need to reply, just wanted you to see that day from another vantage point for what it's worth.

  2. Anonymous

    Just read the Wayne Madsen transcript on Susan Lindauer’s blog. Chilling. We (UK) have only killed (Kelly) so far – it seems.

    But you might be interested to know that our 2010 General Election was illegally conducted (lies for votes and lies for MP jobs) two laws infringed. I have challenged every office of governance and the police. Also informed opposition MPs. The whole political matrix has tightened against me. Corruption transcends party politics, not unlike in USA. We now have a new office of ‘Police and Crime Commissioner’. I contacted mine regarding police dereliction – zilch. Meanwhile, “call me Dave” Cameron prances round the world saying: “Be like us!”

    The shit is deep.

  3. Anonymous

    Your heart is in the right place and it shows. May I suggest you consider getting outside the box and allowing yourself to rise above the "battle field?" One example might be for you to read for your own knowledge all the articles of David Wilcock at divine under the article headings containing the wordsf financial tyranny. The reason for this suggestion is intended to give you the benefit of sight from the confines of one or two trees in the forest and to see the forest of your determination to analyze if you are being "herded" away from perceptions. "What you see may be a hidden lie, how you see it may make it become true, your perception becomes your reality and your reality becomes you." c.OpPlanEarth Terry Reed and his wife deserve to be left alone. Perhaps you might like Admiral Hoover's quote of "who we are?" George Nory show for a quote, the biggest secret.
    Who today cares about the single phone number inside Seal's pocket? The issue is what happens when you open truth's door? …particularly to yourself. Want to see the forest? Define academically enemy? Joe Heller had one in Catch-22. Next, mind taste SUN TZU and enemy rules. Do an excel spreadsheet. Ever hear the terms "Immortal DNA?" or even "semi-immortal DNA?" In your spread sheet list all of your SUN TZU characteristics and then list each separate enemy's characteristics: I.Q., life expectancy, brain usage, resources for battle, command and control factors, visible or invisible factors, and the power of monopoly…trust…collusion … agenda … expertise … technology. If you read Financial Tyranny articles you will find a map that should click a light bulb outside the academic cells designed by "enemy" to keep you from the light. Hodge Podge you say, see Jim Marrs' new book and ask yourself the question, "Can 300 of an highly and vastly superior cosmic enemy of your perception command, control and manipulate 9 billion people?" Christian O'Brien's book, the Genius of the Few might be an enlightenment. Again, thanks for your guts and efforts. Perhaps you will read about some special minds like yours that you could meet at the Awake and Aware conference in L.A. in April …. Warning, it is a blue pill and red pill experience. Once you recognize who you really are, what you are as stated by Admiral Hoover, you won't be able to go back. Smile, thanks, have a worthy adventure.
    P.S. If CSM Bob Dean is there and you attend, be glad to meet folks who can leap frog you ahead of many others. Ask, and you will receive.

  4. Anonymous

    Please sign the petition – if you think you are going to be tracked , you already are…just ask KB and his dog.

    folks, here's the link:
    let's make the number of signers soar!
    Thanks, KB (#2!)
    -CR (#70)

  5. Anonymous

    salam alaykum akhi,

    Colombians killed the 911 researcher, just like they killed Barry Seals. The pilot pals of Barry Seals, and, Seals himself, all rolled on the Colombians and testified against cartel people from Medellin. They never forget. Killing the guy's kids is SOP for them. The question that interests me, is, when is the last time the 911 dude flew for them?
    Would Press TV be interested in coverage of the mass Federal prosecutions planned for Mendocino County CA? A militia, of sorts, is beginning to be organized. They plan to block US Hwy. 101 with tire fires. The Sheriff, Tom Allman, his Chief Deputy, Ron Johnson,and the County Supervisors, are about to be arrested by the Feds for overseeing the medical marijuana program. Several hundred other people who enrolled in the program are also being threatened with arrest. The area is full of ex-vets and is very restive at the moment. Having lived out there, I can persuade people to be interviewed. Media attention is the only thing that can de-rail Fed plans to suppress a way of life. Growers out there are sorta like American Rifis.

    Folks up in the Triangle need support. Publicity is essential.

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