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There are no straight people in Iran

Henry Makow explains how the New World Order works to destroy the family and
the human spirit by promoting sexual obsession and perversion, turning people into soulless, atomized consumers and producers in the marketplace they control.

I’m looking forward to my first trip to Iran.

One reason: It’s a country whose President , top military leaders, and media support the 9/11 truth movement – and have the guts to say so in public.

Another great thing about Iran: It makes the best movies, on the most modest budgets, of any country on earth. If you haven’t discovered Iranian movies yet, you’re in for a treat. I’m looking forward to attending the Fajr Film Festival – a far more important and honorable event, in terms of film artistry and integrity, than Cannes and the Oscars combined.

Politically, Iran may be resisting the New World Order and its attempt to create a global dictatorship, more energetically and effectively than any other nation.

And one more cool thing about Iran: There are no straight people there.


You might think I’m confusing Iran with the Castro District of San Francisco.

Wrong. Let me explain.

Here in the USA, the New World Order media loves to mock President Ahmadinejad for saying that there are no gay people in Iran. But if you asked him, I’m sure he would tell you that there are no straight people either.

What the Iranian President meant is that in Iran, there is no such conceptual opposition as “gay versus straight.” These are just not relevant categories. People in Iran do not pin their whole identities on adolescent cravings for this or that type of fornication.

Most don’t, anyway. I’m sure there are a few idiots in Tehran, brainwashed by Western media and pornography, who identify themselves with their crotches.

As you may suspect by now, I agree with President Ahmadinejad. Basing your whole identity on a physical desire or craving is insane. Calling yourself a “homosexual” or a “heterosexual” is like calling yourself a “chocolate-ice-cream-ual” or a “heroin-drugual” or a “vodka-drinkual.” How pathetic!

Note that if you were a heroin-drugual, you would crave a type of pleasure that is forbidden here in the USA. Being a product of a profoundly decadent culture, you might start a “heroin-druguals’ rights movement” and claim that it is your inalienable right to use heroin, which you view as central to your identity.

Good luck with that.

If you were a vodka-drinkual living in a Muslim country, you would face the same problem: The pleasure you crave is forbidden under the traditional laws of your country.

The same would be true if you are a “homosexual” in a Muslim society – or in a traditional Christian or Jewish or Buddhist society. (In case you Buddhists haven’t heard, the Dalai Llama has condemned homosexual acts, indeed all sexual acts other than normal intercourse, as spiritually degrading.)

If we gave in to every food craving, we would all balloon to 500 pounds and then explode like this guy.

If we gave in to every sex craving, we’d never get anything done, then die of some horrible STD.

If we gave in to every drug craving, we’d all be addicts.

The reality is, we have to ignore, repress, sublimate, or otherwise avoid yielding to 99% of our base, worldly cravings. That’s life. Get used to it.

The USA, the first nation on earth dedicated to the “pursuit of happiness,” has degenerated into a society based on the pursuit of decadence. Me me me. More more more.

The whole West is following us over the cliff.

I’m glad there are a few places left on earth where there are no homosexuals, no heterosexuals, no adult children of sex addicted parents…

Just grown-ups seeking inner peace and trying to walk in the path of God.

* * *

PS I know I’ll be seeing comments like “but I’ve heard they execute people for committing sodomy in Iran! That’s barbaric!” Maybe so. But trying to normalize sodomy, and pervert a society’s traditional values by imposing on it an idiotic and destructive conceptual scheme like “gay-straight” – while promoting sexual behaviors that sicken the body and degrade the spirit – is even more barbaric.

A century ago, the West considered the Muslim countries barbaric because they were supposedly so tolerant of homosexuality, and merciful in refraining from punishing it. Today, all we hear is propaganda about puritanical and repressive the Muslims are. In fact, the Islamic world is for the most part moderate and balanced, while the West swings wildly from one extreme to another.

One Thought to “There are no straight people in Iran”

  1. >we have to ignore, repress, sublimate, or otherwise avoid yielding to 99% of our base, worldly cravings. That's life. Get used to it.

    right on. my understanding is that iran only uses capital punishment for treason and murder now. squealing on someone for their sexual peccadilloes without sufficient proof (4 witnesses)will get you 80 lashes, so watch out what you accuse someone of!
    and in the meantime, practice a bit (a lot) of self-restraint.

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