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CIA officer John Kiriakou imprisoned to protect 9/11 cover-up

Former CIA Case Officer John Kiriakou is being railroaded to protect a National Security Secret: Who really did 9/11 and why

by  Kevin Barrett

Former CIA Case Officer John C. Kiriakou is facing 30 months in the federal pen. According to the New York Times, Kiriakou’s crime was passing the identity of an undercover CIA officer to a journalist. 

But a quick peek behind the scenes reveals the real reason Kiriakou is being crucified: He revealed information about CIA officials involved in torturing innocent 9/11 patsy Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) into endorsing a pre-scripted false confession. 


2 Thoughts to “CIA officer John Kiriakou imprisoned to protect 9/11 cover-up”

  1. Dr. Barrett: I have long followed your reporting. Watching the Untold History of the US, by Oliver Stone on Showtime, I am now convinced the american people have been lied to since at least WW2 and obama appears to be following the warcriminals and the deceptions of every president since WW2. FDR wanted to befriend Russia, but the madmen behind those presidents who followed him, did everything they could to prevent it. The US needs someone to beat up. Today its the muslim world, in particular Iran. I urge everyone if you are really a patriot and want this country to do right, to watch the Showtime series, it will change your view on everything, as you learn everything you thought you knew, was a damned lie.

  2. Anonymous

    In Honor of the Late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Citizens Order 441968: Our Zero Intelligence Spring
    ATTN: ALL United States Intelligence Agency Employees

    Air Force Intelligence
    Army Intelligence
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Coast Guard Intelligence
    Defense Intelligence Agency
    Department of Energy
    Department of Homeland Security
    Department of State
    Department of the Treasury
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Marine Corps Intelligence
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    National Reconnaissance Office
    National Security Agency
    Navy Intelligence
    Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    US Senate Intelligence Committee
    US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee

    *This includes all paid terrorist assets (domestic and abroad), declared foreign agents on US soil, foreign spies in the US, US spies abroad, foreign and domestic private contractors, black-ops hit teams, drone operators, and all other individuals our tax dollars fund to murder humans or stir up trouble. Your United States of America Intelligence minds should grasp the concept.

    Their will be one simple, relaxing task assigned to vacationing intelligence personnel. Something you could probably manage to complete on a Jamaican beach with a Kindle and a smart phone. Research and determine exactly which agencies were responsible for the following murders and/or their cover up. Be sure to do an honest job, because the “winning agency”, in this murder/cover up game is getting the axe on May 1st.

    1. MLK
    2. JFK
    3. RFK
    4. David Kelly
    5. Danny Casolaro
    6. William Colby
    7. Vince Foster
    8. Pat Tillman
    9. John O’Neill
    10. Gary Webb
    11. Fred Hampton
    12. Daniel Pearl
    13. Gary Caradori

    This citizen’s order allows US and global security forces 2 full months to “brace for your absence“. The workload should greatly decrease for our country's fine police forces and regular military personnel. Not having to deal with your propaganda machine generated terror groups, sort out your assets from “arrestable criminals“, and turning a blind eye to your drug and weapons “informants” should prove helpful.

    But just in case the Navy and the Coast Guard could plan a month long joint exercise and literally circle our shoreline every few miles with some form of ship or submarine. We could remove half our forces from Korea and Germany for the month and actually “protect our borders”!

    Right now we could offer our hand in friendship to the world, spend two months making diplomatic handshakes, and simply suggest: “prove you can do the right thing for one month, and we promise to stay out of your business forever.” Perhaps with a stern warning of what will happen on May 1st to those who have “declined to behave“ while their current and future friend was in ICU cutting out their own cancer.

    In a nutshell: you are laid off on April 1st, if you want your job back on May 1st, merely solve the above crimes. Be thorough, your results will be tested the old fashioned way…tried in a court of law, in front of an honest judge, and decided by a jury of your peers.

    Good luck!
    I.C. Watt
    VT CIF(fired)

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