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NYC mayoral candidate Jeff Boss, We Are Changer Jeremy Roth-Kushel

Mon. 1/7/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Jeff Boss is running for Mayor of New York City as well as Governor of New Jersey in 2013,  and plans to run for President of the USA in 2016. Jeff’s main platform is 9/11 truth. He says he personally witnessed the US National Security Agency arrange the 9/11 attacks. He also claims to have affidavits of others who witnessed the same things, and were silenced with a combination of hush money and death threats.

Second hour: We Are Change activist Jeremy Roth-Kushel has challenged a Nobel Laureate in physics to apply some basic science to the WTC demolitions. He recently wrote me:

Jeremy formerly of WeAreChangeLA here, here now being Lawrence, Kansas…. have really been learning a lot from listening to the archives of your show, and enjoying it while doing so.  Thank you so much for your continued, dedicated work.  Your interviews on PressTV are very good too.

Wanted to put you on to a few videos of confrontations you might not have seen.  There’s a lot more, but let’s start with these:

1) Noam Chomsky at UCLA in spring of last year At end of video I interject: “But the War on Terror is ethnic in its dimensions. The War on Terror is ethnic. It’s racist. Do you still support the racist 9/11 lies – the boogeyman, Osama Bin Goldstein? Do you still believe that? As a Jewish American, it’s disturbing…”

I was going to go on and talk about how the facts that point to apparent overrepresentation of Jewish Zionist involvement in the September 11th attack (I would mention that the Christian Zionist Rapturist Dominionist types riddling the US Airforce and Space Command also appear to be overrepresented in the attack) is inversely matched by the apparent silence or ridiculing collusion of virtually all of the Jewish intellectuals and public figures of the left about these same facts.

2) Chris Hitchens from back in 2008 that I finally dug up from the lost archives.  I am working on a piece analyzing Hitchens role in the post 9/11 era and who and what he really was.  Would love some feedback and critique on it as I develop it along. In some ways, I see the poles of what was displayed as reasonable and credible leftist response to 9/11 hung and contained between Chomsky and Hitchens. Jeremy R-K: Mr. Hitchens, when are you going to stop pushing that 9/11 lie of Bush’s and the neocons? Hitch: The moment the checks stop coming… But not until then.

Also, in researching my article, I ran across this from back in 2007 that I didn’t know there was documentation of.  Off camera he gives me a big fat middle finger. But, to his fascist genocidal lie-pushing credit he held security off in the middle and at the end.  Wish I had been cooler back in the day. I’m getting there.  

3) I heard someone, maybe James Petras, talking about the possibility of Harman to be CIA Director Jane Harman confronted on U.S. and Israeli state terrorism (9/11) : -This was after a screening of the propaganda documentary “Countdown to Zero” which highlighted the Islamic (Pakistan/Iran) Nuclear threat as pre-eminent, so that is why I mentioned nuclear terror drills (Operation Jackal Cave) to her.  I overstated the Lavon Affair since it wasn’t carried out.

4) Joe Allbaugh-FEMA Director on 9/11-also Director w/ Jerome Hauer at Emergent BioSolutions (more like biofinalsolutions) good write up of some of the info here: clip here: Also just found out that Allbaugh was at a disaster/WMD conference in Montana on 9/11 with 350 disaster/WMD experts from around the country. He immediately left for NY.  This set of evidence about who was out of town and who was in town are a crucial piece of the 9/11 set-up I think.  And, of course, it resonates w/ the JFK hit and Prouty being sent far away for the hit.  If interested in the article idea feel free, this is what I have compiled so far:

Who was in town for the 9/11 black op ritual on September 11th, 2001 and who was out?

In town: Cheney Bush I FEMA – tripod II Ehud Olmert Larry Silverstein – though luckily for him not in the towers as per his usual. He had a doctor appointment David Rockefeller watched the towers and people in them being blown up from the window in his office at 30 rock Netanyahu

Out of town: Bush II Sec. of State Colin Powell FBI/CIA counter-terrorism people and assets in Monterey, CA exercise DOE nuclear bomb squad for Operation Jackal Cave – out of country for 1st time in 3 years (this really backs up the micro nuke explanation) Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff 350 government and industry emergency specialists, who this year were focusing largely on issues of domestic terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, in addition to subjects related to natural disasters.

JFK hit In town: George H.W. Bush  Out of town: Fletcher Prouty 

Ok, over and out for now.

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  1. ouhhhhhh c'est du lourd!

    tu as vu que sarkozy s'est fait arracher par son associe libyen , le libanais Takieddine!!! ca commence fort en 2013! no? Salaam a toute l'equipe

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! That may have been the stupidest, most brainwashed caller I've ever heard on your radio show (Monday toward the end)!

    I just listened to Jim Fetzer's "appearance" on one of Pete Santilli's recent programs and I wanted to give him some encouragement – Santilli is a new member of the Judy Woods cult and wants to think that Jim is a disinfo agent just because he has some reservations about what Judy does.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Kevin, Great Show as usual. I listened live this time. Previously, I downloaded your archived Podcasts.
    all the Best for 2013,

  4. Anonymous

    I think many of the Judy Wood cultists are kinda late-comers to the 9/11 evidence analysis and they have some epiphany with her new book thinking it's the final word and thinking anybody who doesn't completely buy her reasoning is either deluded or dis-info.

    About a year ago I heard Richard Gage interviewed on the Ralph Winterrowd (sp?) show on RBN. It was the same thing – he had just read Judy's book and he treated Richard like a piece of sh*t! So much so that I wrote to Stadtmiller complaining about how he treated him.

  5. Anonymous

    KB: in your radio blog writeups you're still linking to the AFR 2012 archives page. Gotta update that to
    so people can find! 😉

  6. Thanks, just updated those links!

  7. Oh my, I just listened to Pete Sanshilly show w/ Dr Fetzer. Wow, Sanshilly is a shill, a real life Israeli Mossad Spy in the movement.

    He has been exposed. Thank you once again Dr Fetzer, tearing these kids new a–holes.

  8. Anonymous

    Just an FYI about this new 'Wise Old Man' (Zan Overall) vid, posted Jan 6- The Wise Old Man Tells American Muslims: "Man Up!", 14 mins:

  9. Pete Santilli is the new kid on the block these days. I heard a few shows a while back before he came to AFR, as he was claiming to be "the guy" exposing Israel and Zionism, yet he rarely talks about it at all these days.

    Anyone who follows alt-media knows Dr David Duke (yes, the former Grand Wizard himself) and not this Pete Santilli clown, is hands down one of the few established and well known outspoken critics of Zionism (of course along with Dr Kevin, VT, Barry Chamish etc).

    Santilli is 100% behind the curve on the entire 9-11 conspiracy and is just another Johnny come lately who has not done his homework on 9-11.

    I didn't hear the show did Pete Santilli call in or something?

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone interested in Jeff Boss claims should be interested in this:
    "Israelis Hold Keys To NSA/US Military 'Computer Networks'"

  11. Nice photo of Jeremy. Did you even think about where you got it?

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