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“Jewish superiority” – or ethnic networking? Let’s ask Prof. Kevin MacDonald!

Bad people love him, so ignore his research!

Tuesday, December 18th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Excuse us for noticing, but Jews (i.e. people who would be considered automatic citizens of Israel) are wildly over-represented in American society’s most desirable, powerful and privileged positions. Of the 100 richest Americans, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% to 50% are Jewish – not bad for a group that makes up less than 2% of the population! Jews completely dominate Hollywood and the media, contribute close to half of the bribes (I mean “campaign contributions”) in federal elections, make up about one-third of the Supreme Court, and dominate banking and finance. And so on and so forth.

One explanation for this is “Jewish superiority“: Jews are that much smarter than the goyim. Philip Weiss, author of the classic essay Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do? has offered a different explanation: Ethnic networking. Weiss admits he just feels more comfortable with fellow Jews, figures other Jews feel the same way, and reasonably surmises that Jews tend to hire and promote fellow Jews for this reason. That is why, according to Weiss, “Jews make up a significant proportion of power positions in media, half, if not more.”

In other words, just as certain ethnic groups colonize certain neighborhoods in American cities – they “just feel comfortable” living near each other – so Jews have colonized the most powerful and privileged positions in American society.

Today’s radio guest Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology at California State University – Long Beach,  has done extensive empirical research on this topic. His conclusion: Though Jewish IQs are slightly higher, on the average, than non-Jewish IQs, the rather stunning over-representation of Jews at America’s elite universities, and other positions of power and privilege, cannot be explained by ability or intelligence.

Dr. MacDonald citing Ron Unz, writes: “Because of their role in replenishing elites, university admissions is a huge lever of power. The implication of Unz’s article (although he would probably shy away from this wording) is that a Jewish elite now controls this lever of power and has used it to its advantage, resulting in a massive overrepresentation of Jews in elite universities compared to their academic qualifications or intelligence, while discriminating against non-Jewish Whites and against Asians.”

Kevin MacDonald has (predictably) been vilified for his politically-incorrect research. Vilification is so much easier than rational-empirical refutation.

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire

3 Thoughts to ““Jewish superiority” – or ethnic networking? Let’s ask Prof. Kevin MacDonald!”

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    With abiding appreciation of you and your indomitable spirit, and with continuing gratitude for your brilliant satiric truth-telling writings, I wish you a rapid return to good health and realization of your deepest aspirations.

    May soon we witness an age of peace, harmony and happiness on our precious planet; an age wherein at long last our species transcends its doctrinally specious religion-ism-schisms; wherein we realize and actualize our spiritual ONENESS beyond religion and beyond belief.

    As my beloved Hindu guru taught: "If there is love in your heart, there is no need for rules." As we evolve beyond religious beliefs, dogmas, rules, the only rule we need to remember and actualize is embraced by all enduring religious, spiritual, and ethical paths – viz. the Golden Rule.



  2. Nicely put, Ken!

    But I don't buy it. I agree with the Traditionalist school that only the bona fide ancient wisdom traditions can really cut it.

    Atonal music is certainly "free of the institutionalized corruptions" of the Western musical tradition, but it ain't music to my ears. Like rampant freelance spirituality (whose practitioners I know, nice as many are, ultimately are narcissistic and constantly bouncing in and out of dysfunctional relationships and producing neglected and/or confused offspring) atonal music is a symptom of civilizational decline and oncoming collapse.

    But that doesn't mean that there aren't any freelancers who make beautiful music and/or spirituality. It's a general trend, not an either-or. But putting it as an either-or does have the benefit of helping ordinary folks choose the better path.

    No offense intended, I'm just calling it like I see it.


  3. Anonymous

    You write: "But somewhere along the line, "Merry Christmas" became…shall we say…politically incorrect. It was deemed offensive to the atheist extremists who want to remove religion from public life; and to Jews, who generally take a dim view of Jesus. (The Talmud has Jesus being boiled eternally in excrement.)"

    Since atheists and Jews, though tiny minorities…


    You don't even mention the fastest GROWING segment of modern spirituality, which is those that no longer rigidly adhere to any of the old, established religions, but rather are seeking their own, unique path of spirituality, free of dogmas and free of the corruptions that all institutions, including all religionous institutions, devolve into. While generally a tolerant lot, such people often do not necessarily want the traditions of ANY of the institutionalized religions imposed on them by society. And so they tend to adopt a more inclusive and non-specific greetings that are free of such impositions.

    Your rant, limited to, and condemning of just the minorities of Jews and atheists, completely misses the real major changes that are ongoing and unstoppable, that if TRUE religious freedom and diversity, where no one imposes their narrow views on others, and institutionalized dogmas fade in the wake of the endless seeking of the mysteries of our existence and of our ever changing and evolving relationship with All That Is.


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