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Catapult the counter-narrative!

Just minutes after an apparent false-flag is the best time to spread the word!

George W. Bush said his job was to “catapult the propaganda.”

My job is to catapult the counter-narrative.

The basic building blocks of human thought, and human society, are narratives – stories with emotional associations. In short, storytellers rule the world.

Karl Rove knows that. He snickers at the childish delusions of the “reality-based community,” and brags:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Yesterday, “history’s actors” sent a mind-controlled killer into an elementary school. This despicable act, like virtually all other large-scale terror operations, was designed to “catapult the propaganda.” The narrative: “Lone nut commits random act of terror!” The message: “Be afraid! Obey authority! Feel helpless! Feel despair! Lose faith! Take a dim view of human nature! Empower reactionary, authoritarian forces! Give up liberty for security!”

I am not content to just “study what they do.” So I’m not going to wait and try to sort out whether this might actually be a freak lone nut attack, rather than the usual false-flag stuff.

I am at war with them. I’m going to act pre-emptively.

I’m going to catapult the counter-narrative.

That’s why, within an hour of the news of the Newtown School massacre, I posted my contribution towards putting the event in historical context:

 Who really killed the Connecticut children? 

I did the same thing within a few hours of the news of the alleged assassination of Bin Laden:

“Death of Bin Laden”: A Spectral Human Sacrifice 

Today, with millions or even billions of people reacting to breaking news in real time, whoever gets their version of the story out there first is going to prevail in shaping popular opinion.

The bad guys know that. That’s why they had “Harley Guy” ready to read the official 9/11 script just minutes after the demolitions. And that’s why they were in such a hurry to feed the BBC a script purporting to explain the “collapse” of World Trade Center Building 7 – a script that was accidentally read on camera twenty minutes BEFORE the actual demolition!

BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early– TWICE 

Today, a whole army of info-warriors is ready to “catapult the counter-narrative” in the event of a major false flag event (and we must assume that any major “terror” event is false-flag).

That means that if the bad guys want to try anything as big as 9/11 or bigger, they’re going to have to take down the internet. Hence the likelihood of a “cyber-9/11” in which “radical terrorists” or “Iran” or “dangerous anarchist hackers” will be falsely blamed for taking down the internet.

We need to be prepared.

What are YOU going to do when the cyber-9/11 comes?

I know what I’m going to do! I’m going to go “freeway blogging” with INSIDE JOB signs.

If you don’t have these signs, you just aren’t ready for what’s coming.

I still have a couple of rolls worth of INSIDE JOB signs.  (More than ten rolls –  thousands of signs – have already been distributed.)

If you’d like one, go to and paypal ten bucks using the button at the top of page.

Or paypal twenty bucks for three signs attached together – a very visible statement indeed!

As the Boy Scouts always say: BE PREPARED!

Just having one of these easy-to-store signs in your closet helps deter the bad guys!

29 Thoughts to “Catapult the counter-narrative!”

  1. Anonymous


    As a corollary, a lack of trust among acquaintances, friends and family members, and provisionally even among strangers, prevents combinations from ever arising to oppose authoritarian government.

    Put another way, increasingly isolated individuals, distrustful of each other, confront the state alone.

    Best wishes,

    BRUCE T.

  2. Anonymous

    Drugs and hypnosis . . . repetitious hypnotic viewing, while
    in a drugged state of mind control . . . this is the method
    by which the CIA/FBI programs its zombie shooters.

    The Rocky Mountain News: FBI Shrink Hypnotizes Shooters of Columbine
    [zoom in for clarity or see the pdf file attachment above]

  3. Anonymous

    Principal and school psychologist were killed 'execution style' – CT shooting 14 Dec 2012 According to Rabbi Shaul Praver, Newtown, the school principal and psychologist were killed 'execution style,' before the gunman shot others at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (MSNBC).

  4. Anonymous

    Second man wearing camouflage led out of woods in handcuffs, said 'I did not do it' –27 Dead, Including 20 Children, In Elementary School Shooting

  5. Anonymous

    From Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

    Newtown, Connecticut: OBSCENE, DISGUSTING, SICKENING slaughter of children 5-10 in their school. This country is in the grip of the devil. America never learns. It's getting sicker and sicker. The evil comes out of the most prosperous communities. America is crumbling. It's a horrific combination of evils. Breaking families, the cult of violence, the desire to dominate, the end of sanctities. Noti…ce that the shooter's parents were divorced and he killed his mother.
    Always, there is total surprise. The shooter's closest friend says, there was nothing hostile in him. A regular kid. The evil is hidden in these prosperous well to do communities. They never see the signs.

    Strange isn't it: The Monster Storm called SANDY and the school is called SANDY Hook. Is Allah warning us of our national sickness, unspeakable wars of occupation, blatant violations of God's Law, supporting homosexuality, justifying the bombing of Gaza……. Has this nation been blinded? The mother is no longer sacred. He kills his mother as if it is no big deal. Little children can be gunned down in broad daylight in a prosperous town. Ya Allah have mercy on us. We live in a country where the people are morally blinded by their worldly lives.

  6. Anonymous

    Great Article Mr. Barrett.

    You will also notice that missing from all these headlines is perhaps how all these were on anti-depressants or ADHD type meds from mandatory vaccinations that if your child doesn't have can't go to school anyway.

    You wont see them say the kid was on these because of the Billions in Big Pharma.

    I bet if you called to ask the Local PD there if he was that they wouldn't release that even though HE and his Folks and a Brother are all DEAD. So what HIPPA Laws would it violate? You can only protect the living not the dead.

    Anyway, You summed the day up good.

    Thank you.


  7. Anonymous

    Part 3: In the case of a Field Operative, Level 3 hypnosis is how the operative is prepared for a covert mission which requires a temporary new identity. Just enough information will be written in for the operative's alias and story to be believable by everyone, including law enforcement officials. In the case of a field operative who will be using this alias for only one occasion, his normal personality is not repressed, it is made recessive, but left alert. For the field operative who is being prepared for a deadly covert mission, a Level 3 "overwrite" can eliminate all fear and nervousness, and allow him to function under the nose of his enemies without the added stress of being discovered. All operatives have to go to, and through these 3 Levels before they are fielded! Sometimes they go through Level 3 many times. During Level 3 programming sessions, the new subject is told that anything his "friends", i.e. programmers, ask him to do, is okay, even though it may be against all laws of the land. At Level 3, the subject is also programmed to believe that he must and can do everything his "friends" i.e., programmers ask him to do. Once Level 3 Programming has been "overlaid" upon the new subject's own personality, he/she is once again given a "recall service order" and is then discharged. The subject will be monitored to see how well he functions with his new personality. If everything goes well, he will be recalled for further programming. The higher the IQ of a given subject, the further the programming goes! If the IQ is high enough we will study his abilities and our needs, and determine how the subject can be further used. Once this determination is made, the subject will be brought to "The Farm" or one of our numerous facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada for further and final programming. (Doctors Hospital in Dallas, TX is one of our main centers!) Level 4 Once at the facility, we will put the subject into Level 4 hypnosis, a place where he no longer differentiates between right and wrong. The subject will be told he is a "Super Human" and all laws are written for other people. The subject's moral code, respect for the law, and fear of dying is replaced with new "Super Human" feelings. This is the Level that turns a subject into a "Clear Eyes", i.e., a fully programmed "sleeper" assassin, who can commit crimes as serious as murder, and afterwards have no shame, guilt, or remorse. The Level 3 Super Human "overwrite" replaces the subject's own morality and/or religious ethics with a program that makes him believe he is beyond all human laws. If the intent of the programming is to create a programmed assassin who will kill on cue, all morality, fear, and revulsion of bloody body parts must be eliminated. The Super Human "overwrite" eliminates both. The Super Human "overwrite" also gives the subject the feeling of immortality and invincibility. If he has to perform a particularly suicidal or important assignment we do our job at Stoney Mountain facilities.

  8. Anonymous

    Once the Level 4 programming is complete, the subject will be a different person with no memory of his former life. He will not be an amnesiac, he will have memories. Ones which we gave him. He/she will be relocated to a new state and town and given a new life. Everything to complete the construction of the new person will be provided. Items such as driver's licence, car, bank accounts, passport, credit cards, and birth certificate will be created or supplied by us and will be valid and legal. The subject will also be provided with all the small things that ordinary people have in their lives, such as photos of his family. His family won't really exist, but he won't know this. He will have all the feelings of love, hurt or anger that normal family members feel for each other. The photos of family and friends will be of deep cover agency personnel. If ever a mission goes "sour" and the news media starts looking for his family, the "agency created family" will be produced for a news conference or an interview. Agency personnel have been well coached and are trained actors and actresses. They will fill their roles perfectly, usually letting the public know that the "Clear Eyes" subject has always had a deeply troubled and violent past. The media will present the "Clear Eyes" as a nut case who went on a tragic and senseless rampage. Within a month, the public will have forgotten the incident. Completing the new life and home, will be souvenirs from trips the subject has never taken, but yet remembers. There will also be small mementos of a life he has never lived, yet believes he has. Upon the completion of Level 4 Programming, the subject and patient (one and the same) now has an agenda that he believes is his own. In other words, if the subject is going to be used to infiltrate a patriot group, religious commune, political campaign or environmental movement, the subject will be given all the knowledge and beliefs that are commonly held by people in his targeted group. The subject will believe that his fervently held opinions are his own. He will be believable to other members of the group. Many politicians and government officials on a world wide level have been given "new agendas" through the use of Level 4 programming. Their own beliefs are replaced with the agenda of the programmers. They are given super human talents such as a photographic memory, and the ability to lie convincingly. President Clinton is an example of a world leader who has been programmed with this technique. Senator John McCain and Secretary of State Madeline Albright are two other examples of an "agenda overlay" being "overwritten" onto the subjects own personality. In the cases of these people, their own personalities and memories are still present, to a large extant, although childhood and early adolescent memories are sometimes erased when this technique is used. Once the future government leader is programmed, he will be recalled on a yearly basis and given hypnotic reinforcement of the original programming, or new programming will be "inserted" to modify the original programs. If no new programming is needed, the reinforcement programming can be done on a mass scale. In other words, "programmed sleepers" who are part of a lecture audience or a "think tank retreat", can have their programming "reinforced" through a lecture or film. The rest of the audience, such as wives and children, will notice nothing out of the ordinary. Upon completion of Level 4, the subject who has been chosen to become a "programmed sleeper assassin" is fully prepared for Level 5.

  9. Anonymous

    Level 5 At Level 5, the "trigger" which activates the program is inserted. At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is "etched" into the subject's brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the "trigger" which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known. Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sessions. The "sleeper" who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his "former" life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created. These missions or programs were implanted/written into Level 4 hypnosis. Once the the Level 5, programmed "sleeper" assassin is finished with the programming , he is referred to as a "Clear Eyes". A "Clear Eyes" is a "sleeper assassin" who is capable of being triggered, i.e. activated. Once a "Clear Eyes" is "triggered", accidently or on purpose, the subject is beyond recall. A Level 5 "Clear Eyes" can only be approached after he carries out his program or operation. Because of the programming, the subject will not be able to associate with the crime he has just committed. Such a programmed subject is Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. To this day Sirhan cannot recall anything about shooting Senator Kennedy. Only psychiatrists trained in our method of sub mental behavior programming, overwrites and overlays, will be able to find any tracks leading to post Level 1 or 2 mind control. In other words, a regular psychiatrist may discover that the subject has been hypnotized in the past, and may even discover the original personality. But a regular psychiatrist will never be able to discover the location in the brain or memory, where Levels 3, 4 and 5 programs are stored.Without an activation "key", a normal psychiatrist will never uncover the programming unless by accident. If the programmed subject is told to walk into an armed camp and assassinate an enemy leader, the subject will carry out his program with no regard to his personal welfare, whether he lives or dies, or how he is supposed to escape. In most cases of programmed "Clear Eyes" who commit murders or assassinations, the subject is killed on the spot, either by an innocent bystander who kills only to end the killing, or by an agency operative who is on site to insure nothing goes wrong, in other words, that the subject "self destructs" or is killed. In some cases the subject is captured and not killed. Due to the type of programming used in "Operation Open Eyes", the subject will not be able to divulge any information. Even if the subject is brutally tortured, he will not be able to remember the actual killing or terrorist act, let alone why he did it. This is because all programming is buried deep within long forgotten childhood memories which were recalled under Level 3 hypnosis. (This is the level where real childhood memories are accidentally destroyed in politicians and other officials who have agendas "overwritten" on their own personalities.) Even under the "truth serum" drugs, the subject cannot reveal the truth because his conscious mind has no access to it. Using "Operation Open Eyes", the government can create the perfect assassin, saboteur or terrorist. One who will perform on cue, not be able to remember anything, or self destruct before being captured.

  10. Anonymous

    Who was Gunther Russbacher? He was a 29 veteran of the CIA when he married Rayelan Allan in 1989. He was incarcerated two days after marrying her. The reason for his incarceration became clear when he testified that in 1980, he flew vice-presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush from the Paris meetings which concluded the October Surprise "deal" with Iran, back to the United States in an SR71 [supersonic jet]. See related articles on Captain Gunther Russbacher, ONI, CIA BUSH MADE DEAL WITH IRANIANS, PILOT SAYS SARAH MCCLENDON: "I do believe that Russbacher is telling the truth…" RUSSBACHER'S CREDENTIALS WHO FOUNDED RUMOR MILL NEWS? October Surprise Articles about Gunther Russbacher End of Part One * * * * *

  11. Anonymous

    Part 6: How C.I.A. Hypnotizes Mass Shooters

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    Literally, these evil masterminds seem to despise Christmas and Christ’s teachings. They are the epitome of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. If this is an psy-op, which I am beginning to seriously consider that it could be, think about these items I have seen reported in our local mainstream media newspaper which even though it is owned by Gannett Corporation, always, always, always has a Jewish publisher who is cycled out every couple of years and replaced with another Jewish publisher, and pretty much the same thing with the editors (although one was not technically Jewish, he was an extreme Christian Zionist) reported such suspicious snippets as the following (suspiscious as in trying to make Christians “lose their religion”):

    First, look at the timing: right around Christmas! A loving holiday, family-oriented. Hannukah on the other hand is not a loving holiday, it is about a war that Jews won (very typical of most Jewish holidays).

    So in some of the snippets of the articles about this heinous crime spree, the reporters wrote such odd things as “the children were crying for Christmas and wanted to have their Christmas and live to see Christmas, to which the apparently Jewish teacher or psychologist who was in charge of these kids, replied “you will have Christmas and Hannukah””. Is that ODD or what!? Can you imagine a little Jewish kid crying for Hannukah or some Jewish holiday and the authority figure replaying you will have Hannukah AND Easter or Christmas or whatever. I just thought that was very ODD.

    Then there was some snippet in this same newspaper that said that some of the Christmas decorations around the town or school were taken down! WHY, I wonder, was that? THAT SEEMED VERY ODD TO ME as well. Seems like they are sending out the message that IF there was a GOD and Jesus loved us, then this would not have happened! HOW BIZARRE IS THAT?

    SOME people seem to be using this massacre, whether it was a psy-op or just a crazy kid, to PUSH their agendas of taking arms away from Americans (which is protected by the Second Amendment) AND getting Americans to discard Christianity! And pushing their Jewish agenda of letting Jews run the entire show(“our” government, banks, and media) as the totalitarian elites that they clearly are. And unfortunately a lot of so-called “Christians” go along with it for the perks— getting rewarded with money and jobs from their Zionist masters.

    Just thinking! Oops!

  14. Anonymous

    …..if Lanza was actually a shooter. Aerial Video of cops arresting one in the woods and cops reporting another was "prone" and handcuffed near the school building.

    Also, Lanza father, like the father of the "batman" kid, is supposed to testify in the Libor scandal. Gee, what an absolutely amazing coincidence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to and get the dope

    Tony B.

  15. Anonymous

    CNN Report on the Columbine School Massacre, April 20, 1999: " . . . . Another male student who said he was about 100 yards away from the shooters said there were three of them, including one fellow student he recognized and another boy dressed in white throwing the bombs on top of the school, some kind of grenade or something. That account was supported by another student interviewed on local TV."

  16. Anonymous

    Part 1: Video Documentary, THE COLUMBINE CAUSE, (School Massacre): [EXCERPTS] 0:03:30 "They've got the shooter cornered behind a shed in the back of the football field." 0:06:30 "Somebody from an ambulance is dragging a body across the grass, by its feet." 0:07:41 JD: The official story states that Harris and Klebold each committed suicide. However, the officials are obviously lying, since the photo of the two bodies shows that Klebold's brain matter was blown out with a bullet that entered his left temple and exited the right temple. Only his rifle was lying beside his right thigh, so how could he have stretched his arm(s) way out to the upper left of his body, while standing or lying, pulled the trigger, and after the rifle had recoiled further to his left . . . how could the rifle end up lying beside his right knee? Dumb perpetrators had to have shot the two. Government perpetrators?

  17. Anonymous

    While at a client's late Friday afternoon, I heard an interview (broadcast by ABC affiliate WEWS-TV, Channel 5 in Cleveland) with a young male student, who told reporters he saw a man he assumed was the shooter, seated behind or beside a police cruiser, handcuffed–as he [the student] was being escorted from the school building.

    How can one take any of this seriously, if security forces murdered a "suspect" in their custody?

    Gordon wants me to secure a copy of the broadcast interview, but does someone already have it? The interview's significance may not have been recognized at first, but it surely has by now–as well the fact it places the boy in the gravest danger.

    Thanks, and best wishes,


  18. Anonymous

    Thanks very much to Richard Saint Laurent for sending this YouTube link. In the Batman movie, DARK KNIGHT RISING (just ponder the suggestions [perhaps hypnotic suggestions] imbedded in that title), both the names "Aurora" and "Sandy Hook" are displayed subliminally. Now . . you will be able to read the words "Sandy Hook" when you get to 4 minutes and 2 seconds at the end of the video. PAUSE it right there at 4:02. Then, zoom in (pull down the VIEW menu at the top of your web browser). Zoom in about six times. Then scroll horizontally and vertically until you find the two words. JD

  19. Anonymous Peace to all. I think most of us are beginning to see through the lies being forced upon us from most media outlets. Unfortunately…. most of us do not want to believe certain truths. A "good" lie is easier to accept than the "hurtful" truth. IE: a lone gunman (again) rather than "a grand plan perpetrated by some very powerful people, conspiring against everything that we believe in, everything that represents humanity. The question is…….when will we begin to expose it on a grand scale? This has been going on for some time. "They" are instilling more and more fear into the masses. Take the time to do some soul searching, what will you say on the "day of questioning"? Will we respond as if we were like the 3 monkeys? I see and hear nothing? Look back at the pattern …..Oklahoma City bombing, 911, the "sniper" and anthrax attack after 911, all of the other school shootings, the "loan gunman" who supposedly shoot all of the youth at the camp in Norway, subway bombings etc…. The list goes on. Investigate for yourself, ask questions. These are very , very sick people. People who believe in sacrificing children! So…..what will you do now? Will you try to wake people up to this mess? Or go back to sleep…..hoping it is all a dream?

  20. Anonymous

    Makes sense, I am hearing the CIA are saying THREE shooters, the wacko, who wasn't actually mentally ill, although clearly he had a personality disorder (he may even have been a Democrat, no offense), was shot by one of the other two. No word yet from Meade.

    The Russkies are paying close attention – I am wondering if the assault was planned for a US satellite window, but took place with good coverage from a Russian bird.

    CSP appear to be under orders to shut the whole thing down, looks like the White House are leaning on the Governor, and the Governor is leaning on the CSP.

    I'll talk to NRA, is anybody else talking to them? They will get an assault rifle ban if they just sit on their rear ends, fat dumb and happy. Senators and Congressmen are running for cover faster than a Thames Valley Police officer under fire!

  21. Anonymous

    Mr. Barrett, Great article piecing together the discrepancies in the Connecticut shooting. But you left out at least one MAJOR discrepancy. The destroyed computer Hard Drive! Why would Adam destroy the hard drive in his computer if he was going on a suicide mission? First off, I work in IT Desktop Support. I have purposely destroyed hard drives before with a hammer, and it is not easy to destroy one. Even if you do destroy it, a top notch data retrieval company can do amazing work to get the data back. So I don't buy for a second that Adam destroyed that hard drive, and even if he did, I'm sure they can retrieve some data off of it. Personally I think the destroyed hard drive is one of the biggest smoking guns in the whole stinking mess.
    PS not sure if you have see this video, it shows the take down of one of the other shooters in the woods. Its aerial footage, shocking to say the least. You can skip to about 8 minutes in the video if you want:

  22. Anonymous

    Grief does some odd things to people but this guy seems like a fraud, I don’t have the time to investigate. Reminds me of the Harley guy on 911.

  23. Anonymous

    1. I didn't write it, but I'm glad my name is getting out there. I have posted it at

    2. It was written by a Charles Seigle (or pseudonym as such).

    3. I left in the questions about the dead because at the time such questions were open but later they were closed, solved (and I have an update on the page at the site). Some people aren't aware that ALL questions must be asked about events; sometimes numbers are padded or changed, others are killed later and added to the record.

    4. Seigle's points didn't know of or mention the Libor scandal connection: Lanza's dad is VP of GE Capital, it seems, and some have suggested he was called up for the Libor hearings (I don't have the ability to confirm that); dad of Holmes (Aurora Batman accused) is Libor hearing connected.

    5. We now have the radio and a video confirmation of other suspects (posted on my blog) here's the link but I've copied for you below:

    Wednesday, 19 December 2012
    Police Radio/TV Heli: 2-4 shooters, Sandy Hook (Newtown)
    Uploaded by Radioman911TV

    Unedited tapes.

    "Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting – Newtown Police / Fire and CT State Police Radio Traffic"

    Reports of 2nd gunman and more.


    Faraway view from police helicopter shows figure as ripple effect — closeup cut off in playback before movement shows in closeup. Figure is up in woods hours before the curious got there. Dives behind a bush. Police are running after another direction or suspect.

    "4th Shooter Discovered? Two Not One in Woods Behind Sandy Hook Elementary School"
    40-41 seconds. Mid-grey figure shows between trees.
    Uploaded by greenback001

    Please post these items or include them.

  24. Anonymous

    How The CIA Trained Shooter In Connecticut! Shooting Tied To European Court Ruling Against The CIA!
    Friday, December 14, 2012

  25. Anonymous

    more bizzare info.."Teachers Listed As Victims NOT on School Website as Faculty. Screen shots/proof- Cameras are IN Newtown Schools – Document"
    ………………………………… Chief Medical Examiner: School massacre perpetrators used military-style rifles. ……………………………………………………. Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A CLOSE

  26. Anonymous

    The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

    Outside of a handful of citizen journalists and alternative media commentators Sandy Hill's dramatically shifting factual and circumstantial terrain has escaped serious critique because it is presented through major media's carefully constructed prism of select sound bites alongside a widespread and longstanding cultural impulse to accept the pronouncements of experts, be they bemused physicians, high ranking law enforcement officers, or political leaders demonstrating emotionally-grounded concern.

    Political scientist W. Lance Bennett calls this the news media's "authority-disorder bias." "Whether the world is returned to a safe, normal place," Bennett writes, "or whether the very idea of a normal world is called into question, the news is preoccupied with order, along with related questions of whether authorities are capable of establishing or restoring it."[12]

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