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Were the Twin Towers NUKED?

Fri.  10/26/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
Guests: Ed Ward and Donald Fox, proponents of the hypothesis that miniature nuclear weapons were used in the demolition of the Twin Towers.

[See Donald Fox’s blog post for today’s radio show and Ed Ward’s article Mini-Nukes Were Used on 9/11]

On September 11th, 2001, the three most challenging controlled demolitions in history – removing the three tallest skyscrapers ever taken down – were conducted in New York City. But the condemned, asbestos-riddled Twin Towers were not taken down in conventional controlled demolitions. Instead, they were blasted to smithereens. (Anyone who watches videos of the Towers being blown up, with huge 100-ton steel members blasted upward and outward, can see that these buildings are not just falling down from random damage by office fires.)

The explosive pulverization of the Towers prevented the destruction of New York’s subway system, which would have been flooded if the buildings’ entire mass had just crashed to the ground. That would have smashed the walls of the “bathtub” holding back the East River, and turned the entire NY subway system into a gigantic underground reservoir. Instead, most of the WTC concrete was pulverized into talcum powder (100-micron dust particles) to float slowly to earth, leaving a “snowfall” of powdered concrete several inches thick blanketing Manhattan and disappearing into the ocean. The pile of rubble at Ground Zero, which should have been about 15 stories high, was just a couple of stories high in some places, and at or below ground level in others. As one witness, Father Frank Martinez, told me, there was basically no pile at all – it looked like the two 110 story Towers had just turned to dust and drifted away.

So how were the Towers blown to powder? The four most popular hypotheses are:

1) Nanothermite plus high explosives

2) Miniature nuclear weapons

3) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

4) Some combination of the above

Dwain Deets, a former high-ranking NASA scientist, examined these hypotheses in a paper presented at the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, and concluded that there is very strong evidence for the use of mini-nukes, perhaps in combination with other means.

Ed Ward and Donald Fox agree.

Should be an interesting show!

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6 Thoughts to “Were the Twin Towers NUKED?”

  1. Just saw a new WTC 7 compilation video. Thought I would like to share…

    WTC Building 7 Demolition Video Collection:


  2. I am very sceptical about claims that mini-nukes were used in the demolition of the WTC.

    I haven't seen any compelling evidence to support those claims.

    Those pushing the mini-nuke claims seem to rely on dubious reasoning and ad hominem attacks on Dr Steven Jones.

    Jones et al have published credible, peer-reviewed studies describing the evidence of alumino-thermic residues at the site of the WTC, such as iron-rich microspheres and bi-layered red-grey chips that contain nano-scale elemental aluminum and iron oxide, called nano-thermite or super-thermite, a compound known to have been developed in US defense laboratories and with known demolition applications.

    Obviously, a demolition as complex and sophisticated as that of the WTC would require and involve a great variety of explosive and pyrotechnic materials, but I don't think nukes had any role.

  3. Don

    Nanothermite is not an explosive and cannot possibly explain the destruction of the WTC. Fission and fussion are proven at Ground Zero

    Check out our article on VT:

  4. Anonymous

    was wondering if you'd seen these before or heard about them?,0,1634938.photogallery

    published today in the LA Times via the above link on their site.

    taken from an aerial view, it pretty much shows how the towers didn't "collapse" so much as disintegrate – something that is somewhat lost from the ground point of view

    would like to hear what the photographer had to say – he'd be credible, too, seeing as how he's NYPD.

  5. Anonymous

    What an obnoxious prick Ward is. That's probably the best evidence he presented for the nuke theory in fact.

    To effectively sow disinfo and discord you have to put some pure stuff in there, and when you take out Ward's ridiculous talk abour racism and fascism (which serves only to alienate his audience and confound the answer to the question 'who did it' – because they have the market corenered in being victims of racism and fascism), his abrasive manner, his constant accusations that others are cointelpro, liars or plain stupid, all that remains is the nuke theory. That's the only thing that's even plausibly decent and helpful.

    Terrible man, terrible guest, terrible intentions, terrible interview.

    Fox is good though.

  6. Anonymous


    Listening to your discussion with Ed Ward and Donald Fox about plentiful evidence that the Towers were micro-nuked.

    Interesting to listen to your speculation over the paradox of a thermite "limited hangout" and what possible advantage this would afford the 9/11 perps since it STILL admits that they blew up the Towers … by whatever means …. "conventional" or "exotic" ?

    Here is a comment that posted which addresses that exact question/paradox way back in 2006, when Jones first appeared on the scene heavily promoted by Fetzer and even appearing on several "mainstream" media venues – which immediately aroused my suspicions as to Jones' true motives and long-term agenda:

    Why thermite as a limited hangout ?,

    These comments were featured at my blog "Los Alamos 9/11 Truth" which I created in December of 2006

    Los Alamos 9/11 Truth

    Lynn Ertell

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