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Israel Tries to Assassinate Top US General, Then Invites Him for Tea

by Kevin Barrett

The Israeli government, like its New York special agent Larry Silverstein, has never been criticized for lacking chutzpah.
But Netanyahu and company may be setting a new record for diplomatic chutzpah by inviting America’s top military commander over for tea –  two months after they tried to assassinate him!

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Is a massive, seismic fault opening between US and Israeli interests?

3 Thoughts to “Israel Tries to Assassinate Top US General, Then Invites Him for Tea”

  1. Ed, do you recall all the planes etc, that crashed while carrying top military in the 1990's. I just would like it if someone else remembered.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds reasonable, but keep in mind that the majority of the Jews is Zionist and Talmudic or at least strongly influenced by these ideologies. Remember how many Jews approved of Operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza? 96%! So much for the "not all Jews are bad" argument.

  3. 96% of ISRAELI Jews may have supported Cast Lead. But I doubt very much that this was true of Jews worldwide.

    There are as many Jews in NY as there are in Israel, according to some estimates, and I'll bet that the majority of US Jews either opposed Cast Lead, felt severely conflicted, or had no opinion one way or the other (like most Americans who weren't paying attention).

    Those US Jews who are active in the Israel Lobby, of course, are not only supporters but enablers of genocide in Palestine, and should be rounded up as traitors, unregistered agents of a foreign power, and co-conspirators in crimes against humanity.

    We're talking about a very small minority of US Jews here.

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